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Tapping by Kit

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Rutabaga -

Here's my interpretation of things. Might be right or wrong!

The window was broken from the inside - it wasn't anybody or anything trying to get in - so the broken glass was mostly on the ground outside.
Nothing went through the window, like a football or rock, which would have left big chunks of glass. This was more of a "force field" explosive sort of shock to the glass. Perhaps a psychic shockwave.
As for his hands, a choking individual will often have his hands around his throat, trying to breathe. A boy who'd been hanged would be just like that.

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I think the overall explanation is that there are things that aren't going to be explained, that the characters don't understand any better than we do.

For example, at one point in the househuntng in chapter 2, Mark and his dad look at a house that looks fine on the outside, but as soon as Mark steps inside he is overwhelmed by feelings of dread and horror so powerful that he has to run back outside in terror and anxiety. He is so vehement in his revulsion that his dad concurs that they will cross that house off of their list.

Of course, from what we learn later in the story, this episode is a foreshadowing of Mark's sensitivity to imprinted echoes of the past, something he almost certainly inherited from his mother. And it seems similarly likely that Mark's dad recognizes, or at least strongly suspects, that Mark is manifesting the same ability (or curse) that his mother had to contend with.

We never do find out what the deal might have been with this house -- only that it seemed to have really bad juju.


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