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Spurned Man Castrates Gay Lover

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[Note: the following article must be read while listening to either 'I Will Always Love You'sung by Whitney Houston or 'You Light Up My Life' by Debby Boone.]

Spurned Man Castrates Gay Lover

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: July 1, 2007 - 5:00 pm ET

(Manila) A man who discovered his boyfriend had an affair with a woman is accused of castrating his lover in a jealous rage.

Jose Feliciano Valderama, 35, is charged with attempted murder.

Police allege that Valderama and Marvic Manquera, 21, sought a room at a Quezon City hotel after a night of heavy drinking.

While they were having sex Manquera allegedly told Valderama that he had previously had an affair with a women.

While Valderama slept and angry Manquera reportedly severed his lover's penis.

Responding to screams from the room hotel employees found Manquera on the bed in a pool of blood and Valderama with a bloodied knife ready to commit suicide.

Employees prevented Valderama from taking his own life.

The workers told Police they asked Valderama what he did with the severed organ and the man said he flushed it down the toilet.

Manquera is reportedly in serious condition in hospital but is expected to survive.

?365Gay.com 2008


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Both this post and the original article says July 1 2007 (That's a year ago). :bunny:

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No, it's just a glitch. That and other stories that came in on the 365 Tuesday Update today all wrongly list the year, but they came through today....well, now it was yesterday.

It's listed correctly on the front page and so are the other Update stories throughout the site.

:bunny: TR

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Wouldn't this be a penilectomy, not a castration? Or am I being too pedantic?

I'd call it a very bad day (for the victim).

Now I remember why I was never into Latin lovers.

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For what it's worth, my sister says she thinks the report may be fake. She says that when she stayed in hotels in the Philippines not one toilet actually flushed, no matter how expensive the room. She had a wicked grin on her face though, so SHE may be the one kidding. :bunny:

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When I was a kid, in books I read

When characters reddened, t'was often said

They'd flushed. Remember? T'was said that way

And rarely they blushed--flushing, they'd say.

Flushing or blushing, whichever it be

This guys got a problem it seems to me

His wee wee got flushed, and now, I trust

He won't be sleeping around so much.


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His wee wee got flushed

Thank you Cole I broke into a smile which has lasted and lasted. Wonderful.

Now, when you flush with embarrassment, I'm told the reddening of the skin is caused by a rush of blood to the surface blood vessels. So that's probably what was happening when the guy's 'wee wee got flushed' as Cole so poetically put it. And we all know what's going on when there's a rush of blood to the wee wee blood vessels, don't we???


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