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Weird inventions!


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Frankly, I'm ticked off. I thought I'd be better than a Brit, noooooo. I too got 5/10. Gnashing of teeth.

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I'm with Des, and I probably wouldn't have done that well were it not for the fact that I once saw a chalk holder so recognized that one. My grade school music teacher had one and used it.

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The chalk holder was one I got right. It was everything else I was confused about. I finally figured it out, that I should be selecting the least likely in each group, but by then it was too late.

But there's never any humiliation when one does as well as Des did. You've all heard of the Mendoza Line, haven't you? That's a baseball standard. Mendoza was a ballplayer, a catcher I believe, who hit .200, and that was established as a mark of futility for a hitter. If your average is below the Mendoza Line, your ability as a hitter is accepted as abysmal. Well, I'm calling this the Des Downunder-and- below-that Line. I met that standard of performance, so while I won't be puffing out my chest and strutting down Broadway, I can say I was at the DDABT line, so all is well.

Well, that's my explanation, and it works for me.


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How can you tell gay guys are not wanted in Panama? Pa - NA Ma. Okay, I admit it. That's probably the corniest joke, ever.

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I'm twice as old as my score: 9 out of 10.

Most were pretty easy to figure out if you just looked at the device and the three choices.

Colin :wav:

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How the hell did Colin get 9/10, know so much about that ancient stuff? Most of that seemed like it was way before even MY grandfathers time

I know...I know. He cheated! That must be, He had 28 of his friends all guessing for him.

I got 6/10 :(


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