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How do avatars have sex?


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How do avatars have sex?

A question that has bemused me for a while. :icon1:

Now I know, and so can you. :shock::stare:


I could have lived without knowing any of that. :wink:

I met a ravishing avatar on the Net

Which I wanted to keep for a pet,

Then I clicked my mouse on a spot,

That I thought was very hot,

And now we're both decidedly, wet. :sneaky:

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Hahahaha! Very good!

Three can play!

I've named my old avatar John

He's long and quite cute for a schlong

Though most that he meets

On the virtual street

Are bigger by far than his thong


My sweetheart is shagging on-line

I don't mind - really it's fine

But if he thinks

He can bring home his prince

He's crossing the uncrossable line

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There was once a man from Nantucket................

Oops, wrong forum. :icon1:

Nah, Luggie. You just need to continue.

There once was a man from Nantucket

Who had his head stuck in a bucket.

He tried and tried to set himself free

Until he noticed that he had to pee.

So he said to himself

I?m between a library shelf

And the blue of his eyes started to glean

As he commenced to darken his jeans.

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Geez, Cole. You think I can perform on demand?

My image is really swell

Which really is just as well

Cause I really can?t pass

By your avatar?s ass

Where my prick continues to dwell

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