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Theo Tams - Idol without a 'secret'.

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The first video is Theo doing Apologize during the Canadian Idol contest. His comment right at the end is very interesting.

What is even more interesting though, is that it didn't result in a string of hostile comments or any type of backlash and he won CI.

The second video is the official video for his first single, Lazy Lovers. Even if you don?t like the song, see it through and pay attention to the couples depicted in the video. Very cool.


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Since you can't watch it, the video shows 4 couples on dates. Two of the couples are, of course, guy-girl. But the third couple is two girls and the fourth is two guys. Both are obviously couples in love.

I just think it's cool he would depict two gay couples in his video. Not many performers would be daring enough to do that, especially when they are just starting out and it's their first released single.

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There you go, Bruin.


I'm not convinced Theo has the best hair stylist. And, oddly, it seems to be raining inside the cab. Hmm.

Both links still work for me right now, but maybe not for much longer. (Mine and Camy's)

And thanks for finding that site Camy.

As for the hair and rain...I think he used the wind and the rain to style his hair. It's cheaper than paying a hairstylist. And, it will rain inside if you open the sunroof.

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The links all show the clips as no longer available. Obviously this is a conspiracy by rabid alien homophobes to stop us from viewing this outstanding artist and wonderful human being. (I have a theory that the aliens were the ones responsible for his hair style.) :icon_twisted:

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Very interesting. All of the links are available in Canada, two in the Philadelphia area, one in the UK. But none of them are available in California or South Australia.

Mmmmmm. I think you?re right Des. It?s got to be the aliens. I?m not sure they?re homophobic though, since all the aliens I?ve met are hermaphroditic.

Oh, and I should mention, they deny having anything to do with his hair. Apparently, they are violently allergic to hairspray.

So why isolate two areas of the globe?

Just my humble opinion of course, and they won?t admit it, but I think they may simply be trying to isolate California and Australia from the real world before they begin their take-over. :icon_geek::icon_twisted:

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