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The Jerking


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Peter could feel the tension build up as he was battered around. Smack, smack, smack; a momentary reprieve, then he was thrust to the right, the left, up, and then down, in a violent flurry. Nearly nauseous from the jerking, he got smacked hard on the head again and finally just started heaving violently. Once, twice, an amazing five times, at which time all movement stopped and he finally lost his tension, to relax once again. 4x4ing rough terrain was such a come-on.

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A novel story about a fist fight and without gloves too.

Hands on, literature.

No wonder Trab chose the flash format for his story.

Who wood have thought it possible?


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Very cool, Cole. Brilliant, actually.

Mind you, I'd suggest changing "Stomach heaving, rolling, working" to "Stomach heaving, roiling, working", unless of course you really ARE referring to the rolling around of excess flab.

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