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Hide and Seek by Michael Arram

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Oh goody, one of my favourite Michael Arram stories is being reserialized. Not only that, it is a revised version, now with a new title. A new title which I will say makes a lot more sense than the old one, which was "Son of a Chav Prince". This is well worth reading, it is well worth re-reading if you have read the original version. 

One problem with many of Michael's stories is that they are somewhat dependent on you knowing the background contained in the earlier stories. Yes, I know it is something I am guilty of as well with my Johnny series, and no doubt I will be guilty as well with Joey, it is something that is difficult to avoid as a writer. One does not want to keep repeating things you have already written about. Although 'Hide and Seek' is part of a series, it is far more stand alone than the other books in the series. You do not need to have read the preceding stories for this to make sense.


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I've been re-reading all the Henry/Rothenia stories starting with "Henry in the Outfield."  At present I am partway into "Henry and the Eschaton."

It has been surprising how many details and events I had forgotten from my initial reading as much as ten years ago.  That is especially true of the later stories.  There are broad pieces that I still remember, but either I was not paying enough attention the first time through or time has blurred a lot of stuff for me.  So it's a worthwhile re-read.



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I’ll second that sentiment.  Mike’s “Hide and Seek” reprise served to kick off my own binge reread of the Henry series, so much better understood as a lump sum, despite bloodshot eyes.  The incredible scope of Mike’s planning and plotting is revealed—an awesome undertaking, perhaps only possible for a professional historian to achieve. Sadly, the price one must pay when following this saga through to its completion centuries into our future is the inevitable loss of favorite characters along the way.

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