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Gay-Friendly Ads

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Methinks they're selling a notion--that if I buy the clothing, I'll look like those guys. Even I won't fall for that one. Nevertheless, Ann and I do enjoy the images, lately appearing in the NYT among other outlets.

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"Gianni, I say, I think Giacomo has passed out from the heat."

"Si, perhaps he needs the mouth to mouth resuscitation."

"Si, you know, he forgot his stylish suit, at least a robe."

"Gianni, it is clearly because it was so hot. Do you think I should get some cold water?"

"Ah si, Giulio, I think you should take a cold shower. I shall see to Giacomo."

...Say, if I'm not careful, I'll have a whole telenovela...

"Eh, Giacomo, stand up, would you? Molte grazie!"

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What, exactly, is Gabbana selling?

Dolce & Gabbana Ad Caption Contest! GO!

Blackshirt: "See, guys? I told you. The map to the secret entrance to the vault, tattooed on his thigh."

Open Jacket: "...Well, yeah, but I still don't see why the group sex was neccessary."

Blackshirt: "Hey, if you can think of a better way to get him to fall asleep, I'd be glad to hear it."

Open Jacket: "We could have used chloroform, or-"

Blackshirt: "Shut up and take some pictures. There's plunder afoot!"

Open Jacket: "...Now I understand why the other thieves laughed when I said I was joining the Gabbana Boys heist crew."

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Must've been the Emperor's New Clothes Line with that see-through thread.

Or maybe he forgot his fashionable suit?

He's allergic to silk?

You know, I have no idea if you can *be* allergic to silk.

The idea of the tattoo on the thigh, though, could do with closer examination. For the finer details.

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The ads are just amazing and in America as well. I bet the right wing are furious.

The right wing isn't just furious, they are absolutely livid! They are boycotting Dolce & Gabbana. :flasher[1]:

Colin :icon_geek:

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OK, I think there's a whole lot of context missing there.

That kiss each cheek custom, versus firing guns at each other?

I prefer not having to fire guns at each other. It's quite messy and no one gets to buy or sell much besides ammo.

The kissing thing? Beats the hell out of beating the hell out of each other.

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OK, I think there's a whole lot of context missing there.

The Unhate ads are photoshops of people you would normally expect to not be on close terms kissing each other. There's Obama/Hu Jintao, Obama/Hugo Chavez (above), The Pope/an Egyptian Imam, etc.

If I recall, the one with the Pope, in particular, got a lot of press. The Vatican wasn't very happy about it, first, for showing the Pope kissing a dude, and second, for implying that the current state of afairs involves the Pope hating Imams (implied with the "Unhate" caption). The Obama/Dudes ads got some flack for using the image of the President to advertize commercial products, which is frowned upon. No word on whether Michelle was a bit jealous.

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Guest Dabeagle

Given the recent controversy over A&F and the comments from their CEO, I have to wonder if a side effect of their marketing has been to make homosexuality more mainstream among 'trendy' youth? And while his attitude is deplorable, being overweight is a serious health condition leading to high cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of early heart attack, etc. I know he didn't make his argument in those terms but I have noted an increased movement in the US to accept the seriously obese as 'beautiful'. I have a gut myself, and I know it isn't attractive - but I also don't fit the A&F demographic - and never did.

Hmm, ever start a response and then wonder, how did I get here?

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I have a gut myself, and I know it isn't attractive - but I also don't fit the A&F demographic - and never did.

Even if you don't fit the demographic, there's nothing wrong with just looking.You don't necessarily have to be beautiful yourself in order to admire beauty in others.

I think there's a couple of million straight guys who read Playboy who could never possibly even talk to any of the women in those pictorial spreads... but that doesn't stop them from looking.

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