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People are Awesome, Dude!


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Ack! My knees are swelling after watching that.

In my youth I would have been in the middle of insane stuff like that.

Now I don't dare. There are some days I sound like a bowl of rice krispies walking around.

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Those are great. Think about all the opportunities for bizarre videos created by the GoPro!

I'd seen the one posted by Lugnutz several years before, and that was absolutely stunning. Talk about in the middle of F'in nowhere...

The one The Dude posted gets me a little teary-eyed when I spotted the kid on crutches doing the flip. On the other hand, we don't see the 9000 hours of outtakes of these poor kids busting their heads open. A friend-of-a-friend used to be a segment producer on America's Most Disturbing Home Videos (or whatever the hell that ABC show is called), and he told us they have to throw out about 75% of their videos because they're either not funny or really horrifying. I actually did work on an NBC show for two years called World's Most Amazing Videos, and we showed stuff like this:

I had nightmares for weeks.

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