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Sexual Preditor by Cole Parker

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This is a fantastically well structured story which leads you exactly where the author wants you then socks you with one. Well worth reading. Well done Cole, I enjoy all your writing but this is one of the best.

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A nice (no really, even with such a frightening title, it's nice) new Cole Parker short. :icon_thumleft:Read it, do!

This story well illustrates the media driven meme that is a bubbling, hysterical, almost irrational fear of paedophiles lurking in every car, bush, and house. In the UK this now seems more prevalent than McDonalds.

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Cole seems to have become the new master of misdirection with his innocence undone story. Apples are red, the sky is blue, but what does a sexual predator look like? Cole leads us down the garden path strewn with activities that grow more horrifying with each paragraph and then...well, you'll just have to read it.

Well done, Master Cole. All I can say is that the feelings and prejudices of the readers are fair game when you stand a story on it's head like this.

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Thanks, guys. It was fun to write. When you know exactly where a story is going when you start, which I don't always do, it's fun tailoring every word toward that goal. It's also great to write lighter fare once in a while.

I great appreciate the comments. Kudos from colleagues and friends always warm the heart.


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