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Richard Norway - MIA

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Hello to all of my friends and new friends here at AD. I've been MIA for too long, and I would like to get back to joining all of you again.

I've left New Mexico and now live in Northwest Minnesota. Our foster boy came with us, and that was quite a shock to him. He's 16, born and raised in the southern deserts of New Mexico, and went through the coldest winter that this part of the country has experienced in over 100 years. It's green now, and he's feeling much better.

We left New Mexico to be with my family as my father was terminally ill with cancer and moved into his 125 year old house. He passed away in November of 2013, and we've decided to stay here for the time being. My time is very much taken up in repairing this house as his illness left the house in disrepair for over 3 years.

I wrote Cole Parker the other day, and he wasn't too kind to me for not reporting into the AD forums. "You do know, I'm sure, that being in Minnesota does not preclude joining in on the AD Forum." quote Cole. :)

Anyway, things are settling down, and I'm looking forward to some good walleye fishing. Dad's house is located in the middle of town on the Red Lake River, and my brother has his pontoon boat tied up there for me to use.

Hope to see you all again.


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OMG... Richard has moved to Lake Woebegone! Walleye fishing indeed!

Great to have you back Richard. You've really made a change moving from the New Mexico desert to the home of the Prairie Home Companion... give my best to Garrison Keillor!


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I wonder if Minnesota has the black fly plagues that the Upper Penninsula of Michigan is famous for in the summer? If so, stay inside with the windows down and shades drawn. They sound fierce enough to break their way in if they see life inside.


I asked Steve. He was born and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota until he turned 16 and his family moved to Walnut Creek, California. He still has vivid memories of and an aversion to Minnesota weather. He said there are five seasons in Minnesota: Summer, Fall, Winter, Black Fly, and Spring. The two longest seasons are Winter and Black Fly (which holds its position not because it's long in days but because it's so f-ing miserable). He just told me he forgot one season, Mosquito, which overlays and runs concurrent with Black Fly through Fall.

Colin :icon_geek:

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We've missed you at Codey's World, Richard. Welcome back.

You've probably noticed that seven of your stories were included in Codey's World Featured Stories, most recently on April 1, 2014. So, I'd assume with all of this time on your hands that you've built up a reasonably large number of stories that we can post on Codey's world. Just email them to submissions@codeysworld.com.

Since you're fixing up an old house, and have a teenager living with you, I recommend for related reading get a copy of Bart Yates' Leave Myself Behind. Noah and his rather eccentric mother, a poet and college instructor, move into an old house in Oakland, New Hampshire. This is a great story. I read it when I was in high school and wrote a review of it as part of my Honors English 4 class. I wondered about my teacher's reaction to the material (Noah is gay, and while there are sex scenes they only hint about things). She returned my reading response (a.k.a. a critical review) of the book with this note at the top: "After reading your response, I went to the Walnut Creek library and checked out this book. I read it in one sitting. Thank you for introducing me to a very enjoyable story. I ordered a copy from Amazon.com."

Colin :icon_geek:

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I frankly thought Richard was in hiding...we can get a little intense around here. But it is good to know all is well and a change of location is the cause of his disappearance. I don't suppose you have been writing because rebuilding a home is a lot of work. Perhaps someday you will write about that. The best to you and the family.

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Richard, sorry to hear about your dad, but it's great you're back in touch! :icon_thumleft: Not that you'll get many people clamouring to visit during the black fly / mosquito seasons (shudder).

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