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Cole Can Now Buy A New Typewriter

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I've never understood the aversion to Comic Sans. Of course, I only have a few people's word that it's universally hated, and those few are the ones who've written that that is the case. I myself have written over one million words using it and the number of people who have told me they wish I'd use another font is extremely small. In fact, the number is zero. One might think if it indeed were universally despised, then at least one of those universally-hating crowd might have complained to me. Perhaps it's universally loathed only in the straight world? No, I think there're a few quacks out there that don't like it and are trying to gain support for their idiosyncrasy by stating that they're in the mainstream and that everyone else feels exactly as they do.

I use it because I think it looks light and frothy and less serious than most other fonts, and I sort of relate that to teens, who are my usual protagonists and generally my target audience. I think teens will read something written in that font more readily than if I'd use another, like Times New Roman. Now there's a font that I myself dislike.


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Comic Sans is a marmite font, you either love it or hate it. Strangely enough I don't like Comic Sans but I do find that in certain circumstances, it is easy to read, especially for people who are dyslexic.

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Being an ardent comic lover for fifty years, I remember the experiments with using other than comic sans fonts, and those newer more formal fonts detracted from the reading experience. It was as if comic book characters just don't talk in Times Roman or even in Arial; too formal.

However books and written stories don't seem to suffer as much when written in Arial. I'm not overly fond of Comic Sans for stories, but neither do I sit and worry about it. If Cole likes his Comic Sans I'll read it. Just don't use Courier.

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Good point. I wonder if the Religious Right has a preferred font. I don't read bibles so don't now if they all use the same one. If so, I'll have to be sure never to use it myself.


I think it is possibly Deutsch Gothic, which is of course based on the original type font used by Guttenberg - their mindset seems to be stuck in the thinking of Calvin and co who were around at that time it became popular and it has not advanced since.

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