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Terrytown Tales by Cole Parker

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It will be interesting to see where this story is going to go, but wherever it is going I am sure Peter is going to make it interesting. A new story from Cole is not something to miss, this one I suspect is going to be very enjoyable. You can find it here:


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I had the privilege of reading this before it was posted and its one of the most moving stories Cole has written. A number of Cole's recent stories have fallen in the thriller genre and this one is an example. He could easily become a successful writer of thrillers and find himself on the bestseller list. This one also has the trademark Cole Parker compassion for the underdog and the downtrodden. AND its loaded with romance. A cornucopia of genres and thrills! Read it.

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Cole himself is a thriller.

I do wonder if his latest tale will end up in southwest Virginia,
although at this time of year the mill he depicts, Mabry Mill here on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is more likely to be frozen up. BTW the rhodendron also shown on Cole's title page is the Rhododendron catawbiense, or Catawba rosebay, which some claim originated hereabouts.

I'll be on the lookout for a scrappy kid named Peter...

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Looks like the forum is up and running again.

Intriguing new Terrytown entry. I guess we're to be left wondering whether the person at the beginning of the story is one of the two in the remainder of the story. Seems pretty likely I guess.

I really loved the descriptions of the scenery -- very evocative.


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I really like where its going... it has depth

It not only has depth it has complexity. Cole is weaving a web of connections that would do justice to a spider on acid. I can't imagine how he is keeping track of it all but I jolly glad he is, like Jeff I really like where this is going.

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