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  1. This is heartbreaking.
  2. I am impressed with how David is taking charge, both of himself and of the outcome.
  3. Does that make balanitis a waffle-transmitted venereal disease?
  4. This part of the above-linked story is pretty scary: Apparently ordained gay-haters can still lock you in a back room and scream prayers at you.
  5. Unless that person is wearing a skirt.
  6. Aha, now I think I see the connection. It has been said that the penis of a circumcised man lacks the same exquisite sensitivity of a male with his foreskin intact. Consequently a circumcised man spends a lifetime searching for the best lotions and salves in order to boost his hum-drum pleasure levels into the acceptable range. Not only is his genital pleasure affected, but also his taste buds are compromised. Hence he must turn to high-end sauces and syrups for his gustatory pleasure. Karo syrup will no longer suffice as it does for foreskinned males; no, he can only be satisfied by maple syrup. He is also stuck with having to buy boutique brews instead of Bud light.
  7. But Luther is scary, and now he has been humiliated. Whether he is on or off the island he remains a serious threat.
  8. Your point is probably the correct one, Peter SJC, but the story as I read it is about David coming to grips with who he is and what he wants, and in order for that to play out I think we will have to wait and see what he comes up with. I am really impressed with the way Cole is handling the plot of this story, and this latest event involving Nick has given us the opportunity to learn a whole lot of crucial backstory about David. Now I see him as a man teetering in the balance, beset by incredible forces, massive memories.
  9. I haven't been hacked, but I have been squinted by Colin, just above. Hey Colin, how about using a larger typeface?
  10. Sounds like shabby research methodology if they didn't bother to define their main terminology. BTW, our local youth here in Virginia who aspire to wearing the shako traditionally aim toward the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) or The Citadel in Charleston, SC, both of which have been painfully confronted with coeducation since the mid-1990s and thus would have met the time-frame conditions of the "study" you refer to. Here, for your entertainment, is one account of the trauma of military school coeducation:
  11. I have absolutely no expertise when it comes to U.S. military schools but I can comment that cadets identifying as homosexual no longer can be attributed to "deprivation" from heterosexual liaisons, for military schools in the U.S. are now almost all coeducational.
  12. Turning loose a lady bloodhound in heat might do the trick.
  13. I don't know how Gee Whillickers does it, coming up with consistently wonderful stories based in the frozen northern plains, but this latest one, "Lucky Seven" shows his work at the absolute top of his form. Definitely not a Gong Show! Don't miss it. My only regret is that I never want his characters to disappear after the story is over. How about a few sequels, Gee? You can start with this one. James
  14. It is impossible to finish reading this story with dry eyes.