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  1. I agree, Cole has said what he wanted to about Avery. And he has said it skillfully and delightfully and quite convincingly. But brother Ted is an untold story, and his transformation has made me want to know more about a boy who got the smaller room.
  2. It appears to be one of those hetero mating rituals. Thank goodness gaydar has saved us from all that.
  3. Thank you for your very thoughtful answer to my question, Graeme. Proof indeed that what we so casually assume are similar cultures because we both speak a form of English and like to drink beer are, beneath the surface, quite notably different, one from the other.
  4. It’s always a bittersweet moment when I finish reading one of Cole’s stories, and that’s certainly the case as we see the end to “Me ‘n Riley” posting today. I’ve learned a lot about foxes and even more about the sort of kids who have grown together so interdependently that they seem two sides of the same coin. Although we don’t know what the future holds in store for their relationship until Cole writes the sequel to this story, what I do know now is that these two boys, along with Travis’s Mom and Pop, constitute a real family that is strong, supportive, and wonderful. I will think of them fondly for a long long time.
  5. That's vastly interesting information, Graeme, and helps this reader sort out some of his lingering confusion over Aussie culture. However, I thought gun ownership would appeal those concerned with control of your spider population... I do wonder if the fraternity/sorority movement is localized to the U.S.A. or if it has parallels elsewhere? I'm also struck by your observation that most university students continue to live at home. When then do your youth experience push-back and breakaway from their parents? I seems to be a big milestone here within our north american cultures and forms the basis for many story lines in the general literature.
  6. Being somewhat familiar with the way your mind works, James, I have the feeling you are planning to spin this way far away from a 'kiss and make up' scenario! Go for it.
  7. What a WONDERFUL effect! Thanks, Chris.
  8. Cynus, your narrative is so complex, so profound, that I cannot offer you a response, but I do want to tell you how much it has moved me.
  9. Well said. Oh, so well said.
  10. May the true spirit of the holiday season comfort one and all.
  11. Although I think I agree with you, Mike, I must say I am baffled. Is the last part of the story file missing? It seems to end in mid-air.
  12. Here in the American South we often have to tell tourists 'You can't get there from here.'
  13. No need to dust off those passports. Just pay a visit to Sanitaria Springs or any other part of upstate New York currently suffering the results of Lake Effect snow, well over a foot of it, I think. (That was a blatant plug for my story, BTW) I've just noticed that our onscreen snowfall is resulting in a little bit of pileup at the foot of the screen. Nice touch, Mike! I wonder, will it get progressively deeper as we get closer to Christmas? We may have to get out our shovels...
  14. Those were the days! The cutting edge of technology back then was having a heated dip stick to keep the crankcase oil warm.
  15. There is NO WAY this verse sprang fully-formed from Cole’s brow; I’m positive that a search under his desk would reveal dozens of crumpled pages of early drafts featuring crossed-out rhymes, misspelled words, and discarded lines. ‘Execrable’? ‘Propriety’?? Come ON. I can’t even find those words in my dictionary, much less spell them. No, I think Cole has been working on this little ditty since Thanksgiving, maybe even since Memorial Day. So this “challenge” he is throwing down is suspect, a set-up he and The Dude have cooked up to get us off our duffs and putting pen to paper. Sorta like our sixth grade English teachers used to dump on us on our way out of the classroom door, last class before Christmas vacation. Thanks a lot, Cole. Just don’t expect results overnight. Maybe by Christmas Eve I might find an old Christmas carol with lyrics I can crib. Ho, ho, ho.