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Dear AD Community:

Right. This is not one of my usual wacky posts. I am being temporarily serious.

I just want to stop and thank his Dude-ness for his ongoing support of my measly efforts as an author. I've been around since almost day one and feel a special affinity for this place. Why?

1. Dude cares about his authors. What he does revolves around his authors.

2. If you ask for a story to be updated, changed, or modified, he does it. He'll even remove it if you ask*.

3. He's not driven by revenue (unlike Nifty and so many other sites) so his site has integrity because it's QUALITY over QUANTITY. There might be stuff you don't have a particular taste for here, but there's not junk here. Other sites have a high junk to decent ratio.

4. Dude is too nice. It's his best quality and biggest fault all rolled into one :) And yes, I mean this sincerely as a compliment.

5. Dude helps others. I need only to point to CodeysWorld. There are others but CW is near and dear to my heart.

6. Dude likes cats. A very special quality in a person.

So you all really ought to be thankful that AD exists because there aren't many people who could have made AD get off the ground and stay off the ground.

Dude, I salute you! :icon9:

Respectfully and Sincerely,

:icon10: (Wibby**)

* Nifty's new submission policy says they own your story in perpetuity and if you want it removed you have to PAY them. Read it.

** It was Dude who gave me this nickname. One day I will have my revenge for it.

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Wibby, has without question, revealed how we all feel about his Dude-ness.

I add my salutations with much appreciation for all that Dude so unselfishly provides.

Thanks too, to Wibby for stating it so eloquently.


:icon9: for all

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I agree! :wav:

I'd also like to point Dude and AD forum members to today's (June 19, 2008) Pearls Before Swine comic strip, which has Rat's Dictionary of Phrases, Chapter Two: The Many Meanings of "Dude" (if you go there other than on June 19, click on that date on the calendar). It's hilarious! No definition of our Dude is included, but that's probably a good thing. :lol:

Colin :icon_geek:

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I have corresponded with Dude several times.

I like how he answers my questions :icon13:

Well, I'm not an author so I cna't say anything about the author here, but I'm sure the opinion above is true

The rest I concur with the opinion above


Keep it up dude! :icon13:

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  • 3 months later...

I'm back to add something else.

Dude has been extremely supportive of me -- moreso than usual which is saying a lot. I've made some polite requests* for my last two postings. He didn't ask me why, didn't say no, or do anything. He just complied.

I'm weird and he puts up with it.

If you want to know why I'm so loyal to him, this is just a small part of it: he gets mentally fucked-up authors like myself.

* Demands :)

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