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Levi Johnston is hot!


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If I can add my personal voice to this rather shallow and unseemly discussion, I think it's very unfair, to say nothing of unfulfilling, to dis the picture of someone as un-hot without attaching a picture of someone who is. Hot. Then we may understand your individual tastes much better, as well as get to enjoy sampling more eye candy.

I'd ask Des to do this too, but I've had enough pictures of orangs.


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Shallow and unseemly! That's an apt description for the Raccoon Den!

I didn't say Levi was ugly, just that I didn't think he was hot. I've never been a fan of hockey players...unless you count the one played by Rob Lowe in Youngblood. Now THAT was a hot hockey player! :lipssealed:

Okay, to satisfy Cole's curiosity, here's my idea of hot:


Blond's have more fun, baby (even if they come from a bleach bottle)!


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Okay, to satisfy Cole's curiosity, here's my idea of hot...

NOW, you've got my attention!


BTW, note that that pic of Jesse McCartney is a couple of years older now. He looks quite a bit different today, and has dropped the blond look.

And on a side note: I worked on the (still unreleased) 2006 Jesse McCartney film Keith a couple of years ago, which I think is finally coming out next month. I have no idea why it sat on the shelf for so long; the kid's not a bad actor at all.

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Am I the only one one who thinks he will be hot when he grows up?


Well, Des, the subject under discussion was young, HOT guys!

Still Des, I knew I should have included a picture for you, so, by way of making amends, here you go!


Gotta love them silverbacks! :closet:


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