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Paint your own Wibby!

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You know Wibby, we've always thought that there was some kind of sexual connection betweem you and a raccoon. Well, I guess we know now. But don't be upset. We're inclusive here. Raccons are cool. I love the black and white faces. And sexy? You got me there. Yeah, they are. Reminds me of old B&W movies of Paul Newman & Spencer Tracy...even Bogart.


I'll post a pic when I find one approtraite. :omg:

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The "raccoons? are definitely stealing your underpants I don?t know what you did to make them hate you so much but boy do they hate you and tonight an evil raccoon is coming to your house to eat your family.

HAHAHA I fooled you again, boy! ...Go change your pants. You don?t have anything to worry about those nice "raccoons" aren?t stealing your underwear

You have correctly answered 0 of 10 questions.


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