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my new dog

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I'll be picking her up from the shelter on Tuesday and she needs a name.


she is a pure Rottweiler, but small at 70 lbs., so nothing too cute.

A friend suggested Reese, as in Reese's peanut butter cups, which is ok.

needing some help here as I suddenly can't think of any good names

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She does have a sort of "chocolate in my peanut butter, peanut butter in my chocolate" look.

Caramel? -- Ah, but how to say it? "Care-uh-mell" or "Car-mell" ?

Chips Ahoy? ...Hmm...

I should really eat breakfast now. -- No, not candy, either.

Sorry, I don't appear to be much help today. But yesterday, a neighborhood dog (whose, I don't know) decided to come over and say hello. Friendly dog. Not the best looking dog you've ever seen: tan and brown jumbled patches. But a sweet dog. Somebody must love her. Thankfully, she headed back home instead of out toward the subdivision entrance and highway. Eek.

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Geroff is a good name for a Rottweiler. With the suffix 'my leg,' 'my dinner,' or 'the neighbour.'

But Camy would you call a male dog, Geroff, I think not, I'd call him Goferit.

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But Camy would you call a male dog, Geroff, I think not, I'd call him Goferit.

Surely a male hound would be 'ave'im? Or Jaws? But E.J's is a cute bitch (the only time one can say bitch without offence).

Personally, after seeing 'The Omen', I'm not overly enamoured of Rottweilers. And with the cost of food rising faster than one can honestly earn, cute though she is, I'd have an arangement signed, pawmarked and sealed - whereby said Rottweiler brings home two armoured cars a month to cover costs - before she takes over the other half of the bed. But that's just me. ;)

PS white trousers/pants show drool marks.

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"drool marks," Oh charming. Slobber marks, more like it.

We had a cat that drooled. We'd wake up in the morning and the cat would have drooled all over the pillow. His name was King Kong.

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