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Boy, Bus & Key By DaBeagle

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I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I was looking at this thread and swear I saw Mike railing at Lug--always a good thing to do, by the way--about not having encouraged people to read Dave's story on this site. Then I went back to see what was what and found Lug had indeed done that, originally. So I went back to the bottom to inform Mike of this, very politely of course, with no teasting or sacrasm beause as everyone knows I never indulge in that, heaven forbid, and, lo and behold, Mike's message isn't there any more!

Ah, to have the ultimate power. Use it wisely, my son, use it wisely.



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Not to completely interrupt a thread that pretends it's about a great new Dabeagle story and then waffles on about Stonehenge and who posts what where and why, but I'd like to say how thoroughly uplifting, nice and heartwarming, 'Boy, Bus & Key' actually is.

'Boy, Bus & Key' is a wonderful read! Bravo Dabeagle!

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Guest Dabeagle

Thank you for the kind posts, especially those that were actually about the story :icon_thumleft:

Such an easily distracted bunch, I don't know how you guys get anything done with you short span of atte - oh look at the squirrel!

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I liked the story a lot. However, I am disappointed by one thing in the story: It's not continuing as a serial novel!

Colin :icon_geek:

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And the next chapter must have much more sex in it...

While it would be interesting to see how he'd continue the story - as he did with Alec/Sasha in the Sanitaria Springs series - I think it works perfectly as a stand-alone. I wouldn't be looking for more sex in it, though.

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While it would be interesting to see how he'd continue the story - as he did with Alec/Sasha in the Sanitaria Springs series - I think it works perfectly as a stand-alone. I wouldn't be looking for more sex in it, though.

Very well said, Paul. I thought Beagle did a tremendous job with this one. His characters were 'real' and 'alive'...and querky. It was easy to love each and every one of them. Very satisfying watching each of them struggling with their demons and how they supported one another. But then, I'm one of those that prefers the stories that deal with 'overcoming' and not the sex.

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Guest Dabeagle

I have no plans to continue this story.

This took a ton of time to come together and went through more iterations than I care to remember. One beta suggested cutting a substantial part, but I chose to keep it becasue I felt it setup Olivers nature and inserted the key to be returned to by story's end. Believe it or not, it took months to finally come together, and it was all base on the picture of the fellow leaning on the stone wall, who I named Milo. It took a long time to build a story for a character to meet him on that wall, but then what? Then there was the other characters, some of whom deserved a storyline, I felt.

The end didn't materialize until I was on a riverboat in Romania, coming up the Danube. I met a couple from Ohio, they were religious and that always makes me wary from two perspectives. One is the loud ones that look down their noses in judgement and the other is from a more social aspect, I guess, being as I'm an athiest and their beliefs make no rational sense to me. Anyway, they were the lovliest people - she was a pastor - and they told me the story about how they got together.

He had been hurt in previous relationships and when he met her, told her he wanted a 'partner in adventure' but nothing serious and she accepted that. So they went out, had fun, but had no formal strings attached. Finally she decided she loved him and told him that she couldn't see him anymore. He, crestfallen, asked why and she explained that she wanted more - she wanted him around all the time, to be her other half. I thought it was a great story, her taking charge and going after he, who was gun shy. So I had my ending, adapted of course.

But, anyway, no. There will be no more, thanks for asking though.

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I agree with Paul. As a single short story it has an uplifting message... yes I believe it has a message as much as it has a romantic story. Sequels or novella would dilute the message, The innocence of the relationship is part of the message, so I totally agree with Paul

Well done Dabeagle... you done good,

Thank you for a very pleasurable few hours

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