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Houston, We have a problem

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glaucoma is a condition which damages the optic nerve eventually causing blindness [yikes]. There are various kinds of glaucoma- the kind they think that I've got comes from being roughed up.

Treatment and prognosis depends on exactly which kind it is. My optomologist sent me to a specialist for more tests.

I prefur the tests you take when you are young- at least you get to study for those. For this kind of test, they poke you in the eye. :shock:

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Best of luck, James. There is a lot they can do, nowadays, for damage to the eyes, so there may be some hope that it will all turn out find in the end.

Fingers crossed!


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This is to wish you well and good luck...

While no illness or malady is pleasant, the good news is that glaucoma is a treatable disease for the most part... my 83 year old mother has had it since she was in her 50's and still drives her Pontiac Grand Prix... does the daily crossward, runs a large house and cooks up a storm... upon her initial diagnosis we were all very concerned, but as the years have gone on we see how her regeme of a simple and very easy treatment has allowed her to keep her vision and live a full life...

Hopefully you will be just like her and no one will ever know you have it unless you choose to tell them, because you will be living a completely normal life... so don't dispare...

I wish you all the best and am convinced you will do great...

My thoughts are with you.

I'll get the wizard to send a healing spell your way... maybe I'll even get Cody to pay you a visit... his smile would drive away even the darkest storm...

Take care buddy.

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Not the nicest thing to happen on a Friday, but you'll pull through. And hey... I hear there is one treatment that involves brownies, so it can't be all that bad. He he, but on a more serious note: Good luck, you will overcome it. An important thing that they told my cousin when he was diagnosed with concer is to stay positive, I think that applies toward your situation also.


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This ain't the most pleasent birthday present ever but it ain't over till the specialist pokes me in the eye.

Despite the problems... Happy Birthday, James.. almost slipped by!

Celebrating a birthday - even if you are not up to snuff - is better than the alternative!

Take care of yourself, buddy.

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:smt026 never been sure what this emoticon was for.

I think it means keep bouncing along. :smt025

Thanks guys. I'll keep you informed.

Dear James,

really sorry to hear about your eye man. Keep your head up and your spirits high. I do think glucoma is treatable.

I'm praying for you.


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Hey James--

I treat a lot of people with this disorder. Usually, it's a matter of a few eyedrops a day--xalatan and timolol. Not a big deal, but a little worrisome. Should be ok. the good news: now you have an excuse for smoking that 'herbal remedy.' :D/



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Hey, James, I'm on the road to the same thing. My opthamologist says I have "slightly high" pressure in both eyes, and may eventually develop glaucoma. But he told me there's drops you can use and even an operation that can get it back to normal in most cases. Not a big deal, at least according to him. Here's hoping you only have a mild case...

Speaking of eyesight, I'm one of the morons who went out and got Lasik eye surgery a few years ago, and lemme tell you: this crap ain't perfected, not by a long shot. I went from being horribly nearsighted to slightly farsighted, so I still have to wear closeup glasses to read or use computers. My eyes are also a lot more sensitive than they used to be. The good news is, I can get along without glasses about 90% of the time (like at the gym in the shower); the bad news is, the doctors lie to you as to what the risks are, and how good your eyes can be. Watch out for this. Check out LasikDisasters.com and see what can go wrong.

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