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I have researched Ubuntu and listed the advantages and disadvantages of switching from the execrable Windows 8 to Ubuntu 13. I bitterly resent that I had to subscribe to Office 2013 and would give up the remaining five months this year's subscription, which is my primary objection to switching. However, I would like the thoughts of the AD community. I realize installing alongside Windows will present challenges and there was a day in the distant past when I was blond, so this might be difficult for me. However, I am willing to face the challenge. What are your experiences? What are your thoughts? What are your warnings? Will free AVG be sufficient?

I am not a gamer. I do not create multimedia files. I do three things on my computer: read and write (okay, four things), listen to music, and perhaps watch movies. Is it worth the trouble for someone who would be perfectly happy with a Walkman, a VCR, and an old Underwood manual typewriter? (And prepare to be slapped online if you dare ask what a typewriter is).

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Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distros out there. it should easily be able to do anything that you are asking of it.

The tricky part is actually moving and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you have two computers: your old PC and your new target PC.

If you are trying to migrate 1 PC, it's possible but you may need some time to work out the bugs. Being without a working machine is a pain in the lower posterior.

Another tip: back up your files to a USB hard drive. Once you get your new Linux box running, move your files from the USB drive.

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Yep, it's always good to get fiscally reamed and ring-fenced by Apple.

On re-reading this it comes off as being a tad harsh, but it really isn't. The reason I'm a bitter old git is that I bought a G5 (not cheap), which was, shortly thereafter, made obsolete. Apple changed its processor from Power PC to Intel, so no more updates for me. The G5 is the heart of my studio, and as such it does what it does really well. But if I was the sort that wanted the latest OS (I do, I do! But I'm stuck on Leopard), or a nifty new plugin to make me sound like Madonna, then I'm royally stuffed. /rant over.

Without doubt Apple's design ethos is wondrous (Jonathan Ive rocks), and far ahead of most. But never again ... unless I win the lottery.

Besides, OS X is based on Linux, so Ubuntu is a pretty good bet. And it's got a solid development team working on it, too.

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I'm a Ubuntu enthusiast. My main machine (this one) runs Ubuntu and everything 'just works' - much better than Windows. You don't have to buy extra stuff to watch/rip DVDs for instance. LibreOffice is great, pretty good compatibility with MS Office, nothing (or almost nothing) costs money and updates are free slick and seamless.

My machine has Windows 7 as well as Ubuntu, dual booting, which doesn't cause any trouble, but I rarely boot Windows, only to use applications for work that are Windows-only.

Drivers are sometimes a bit of a problem - most normal printers are supported but not all, the same with scanners. MP3 players and cameras sync with free apps, though, and I don't currently have anything that doesn't work. Just a suggestion - if you're planning on buying a new machine to run Ubuntu, I suggest Lenovo. They're very well supported under Linux. HP used to be but no longer, and Dell have stopped supplying machines with Linux pre-installed, I think. I had an old Toshiba that worked great.

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I have used Open Office under Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OSX, and it's a little buggy... but it generally is OK. My advice to F.T. is that it's not necessary to buy the latest Office -- just look around on eBay and buy an older version. I bet you could pick up the 2007 or 2010 version of Office Professional for maybe $50, tops.

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Too late. :-( Besides, doesn't evil Microsoft require a product key? If they come with the old versions on eBay, have they expired? Just curious, since I already have 2013, at least until my subscription runs out in Jan or Feb.

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You buy a brand-new (legit) copy, even if it's old, it comes with a legit product key. I've done it all the time -- as recently as 5-6 years ago, we bought new-in-the-wrapper copies of Windows XP and Office dirt cheap, just to help out friends whose systems went down. Half the time, none of them have the original system disks and are clueless when it comes to restoring and recovery.

Bear in mind my partner and I are primarily Mac people... :alien[1]:

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