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Lives in Periphery

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Thanks, gentlemen!

Throughout Laika, I was aiming for about 5000-7000 words per chapter, with a wait time of a month between chapters (I know, I know - some took way longer than a month). With LiP, I'm aiming at 3000-4000 words per chapter, with a new one each week. So far, so good. I actually like the shorter chapters from a storytelling perspective - that length provides a better rhythm, especially with how this story is structured.

What I'm saying is, expect more soon. I've already got a few chapters in the can, and I'll be doing a final edit and submitting chapter two this week.

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Thanks Lug, Pec, and Merkin!

The great thing about posting stories on AwesomeDude is that you get feedback from excellent writers and readers who are expecting quality. When I see people whose talents I respect saying these things, it means a lot!

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When a new story arrives from EleCivil, I expect quality. This one has two opening chapters so far, and two intriguing characters introduced, a story that's shaping up to be a real cracker. And it's got dogs, too. What more could any reader want?! A real EleCivil classic, methinks.

Not only an inspirational teacher, but an inspired and inspiring writer too.

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Thanks, James and Colin.

I'm happy to see a lot of familiar readers from the Laika and L&L days coming back for this one!

I was looking through some old emails the other day, and I realized that by posting on Nifty, I was able to refer a lot of readers to AD - they would email me, say "Hey, where's the rest?", and I'd link them here and point them toward the forums. Some of them even started posting and writing for AD. That's the one thing I'll miss about posting to Nifty - that feeling of being an ambassador of The Dude.

What I WON'T miss is my stories turning up on a bunch of really sketchy sites, posted seemingly at random by spammers who do not understand English. (Why the hell would you copy/paste the tenth chapter of a gay coming-of-age story that includes no actual sex on your straight porn site? Come on, man!)

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Hello, all!

Just wanted to update everyone and assure you that I have not abandoned this story.

These last few weeks have gone into finishing up my thesis - I give an oral defense on Friday and turn in the final draft on Sunday, at which point I'll be DONE, and will get some spare time back to continue writing for fun.

Thanks for sticking with me through the slow patch! (Though, if you're at all familiar with my writing, you were probably expecting this. Haha.)

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If you're defending a thesis, that means an advanced degree. Master of Education?


Yep! I'll get to sign my name as EleCivil, M.Ed.

...But I won't, because that'd be obnoxious. Haha.

And to think, I started posting here when I was fresh out of high school. Seems crazy, man.

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