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One Summer in Georgia, by Cole Parker


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I see Cole has changed his attitude, and this story seems to define a new look. No complaints from me since I love reading a good Lee Childs type of story. I would guess Cole has been reading outside the kids in the classroom agenda we have seen from him in the distant past. A good beginning, reminds me of the grittier elements he gave us in Dust, and what a fine story that was.

A prologue is just a tease, Cole....what's with that? I agree with Ryan, something isn't right about this opening gambit...a little misdirection perhaps?

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Cole, you bastard, you've got everyone hooked again. Two people on the run, each for reasons unknown to the other. A single adult guy and an apparent runaway teenager with trouble chasing him. And the adult guy works for a mysterious "subagency" doing clandestine work worthy of Mr. Phelps.

Nah, nothing interesting there. :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:


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Excellent beginning. I had some ideas after the prologue that turned out to be a bit prophetic, but the meeting of the two characters surprised me. I love Colton's attitude and moxie. This is just excellent so far, grabbed my attention and held it, and it's making me very impatient for the next chapters. Somehow I don't think I'll be waiting until the final chapter is posted before reading any more of this one. I don't think I'll have the patience.

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Yes, they are the type of characters which make me open my files on extremely nasty toxicology!! You know those poisons which take ages to kill but make the process totally unbearable.

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