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AD Forums are back!


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After nearly a day of outage a tech was able to get our AwesomeDude Forums back.

Nick was the SEVENTH Godaddy tech rep I spoke with and the only one who spotted and could fix the problem.

Three cheers for Nick!

All appears nominal, except the stuff I had planned for today.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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I was getting frantic - thanks for your hard work, Mike - and hooray for Nick, whoever he is!

Frantic is not the word I would use, it is far too mild to describe the state I got into when I could not get my twice daily fix.

I'm just glad the Mike was able to get it sorted out. Thanks Mike.

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Des, the best lifesaving cartoon I ever saw, wrong sex unfortunately, was that inflated Pamela Anderson person from Bay Watch giving resuscitation to a chap but blowing on the wrong organ.

So she was using her mouth on his mouth...that's just wrong. :laugh:

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