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An Awkward Moment

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"What the hell are you watching!"

Patrick must have jumped two feet vertically and his boner was completely deflated by the time he landed. He was cold busted watching Filthy Twinks in Heat vol. 4 in his dorm room. The only saving grace was that he wasn't beating his meat like it owed him money...yet.

Patrick fumbled with the DVD controller, sheepishly turned to see his room mate Cameron closing the door with a big bag of Chinese food in his hands and spluttered, "Uhh... Jesus Cam, I thought you had a lab."

"Obviously. Professor Harley laid his bike down so we got a reprieve. I got Chinese in celebration." Cameron smirked as walked around the sofa and sat putting the Chinese food down between them.

Patrick was blushing a furious shade of purple that couldn't possibly be healthy. He mumbled, "I'll move out as soon as I can find a place."

Cameron pulled a container of shrimp fried rice out of the bag and said, "Why would you do that?"

"I know you don't want to room with..."

Cam finished his sentence, "A gay guy? Patrick, how long have we known each other?"

"Since freshman orientation."

Cam said, "And it's closing in on spring finals of our sophomore year- so almost two years?"

Patrick sniffled, "Yeah."

"And you've never dated. Don't you think I sort of had the general idea?"

Patrick looked up and said, "You knew and you didn't say anything?"

Cam sighed. "I didn't know for sure. I suspected. What I'm trying to tell you is that it just doesn't matter."

"You mean you don't care?"

Cam put down the Chinese food and fully faced Patrick. He pulled his startled friend into a bear hug and said, "For a smart guy you can be pretty dumb about some things. I mean I do care."

Cam released Pat from the hug and said, "Pat, we're bros OK? That part of you doesn't bother me. In fact I wish you had trusted me with it sooner."

Silent tears were rolling down Patrick's face. "My family would hate me if they knew."

Cameron put his arm around Pat's shoulder and said, "Look, I know you're from Tennessee and that has to be tough. You probably heard a lot of anti-gay stuff growing up and it has made you really frightened. You're the best dude I know. Besides, I would be a real asshole if I hated gay people. My little brother Mikie is gay."

Patrick gasped, "Mikie? Really?"

Cameron chuckled and said, "It seems that I have a talent for showing up at... awkward moments."

Patrick shook his head and said, "Oh man."

"Yeah. Ever try to console two naked sixteen year olds who think their world just ended? No way I'd hurt either one of my bros: Mikie or you."

Patrick's eyes were wet with tears. He looked at his friend and realized there was a depth and maturity there that he had never realized. All he could think to say is, "Dude, you're awesome."

Cam grinned and said, "Thanks. By the way, do you remember that Philip guy from Cal III?"

Patrick could hardly forget the tall, long legged blond with the angelic face. "Yes."

Cam said, "He's interested in you."

Patrick said, "No way! How do you know?"

"He asked me if you were seeing anybody."

"What did you say?"

"That I didn't think you were ready yet. Are you?"

Pat looked a little wistful and said, "Maybe I am."

Cam picked up the Chinese food and displayed it before Patrick. "Good. Drama over. Let's eat."

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