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First Year by Cole Parker

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Great news, a new story from Cole. That is always something to look forward to. From what we read in the the first chapter we are not going to be disappointed. With his usual skill and grace Cole has created a feeling for both the character of the narrator and the location where he finds himself.

I cannot but look forward to reading the coming chapters, though I suspect I am going to have to struggle with the difference between American English and British English. Most of us British readers have grown use to the idea that a Public School in the States is not an elite fee paying educational establishment. Now we have to grasp that a Preparatory School is not an educational institution for under thirteens that prepares them for entry into the Public Schools. Reading this is clearly going to be educational.

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Curiouser and curiouser.

So where were the house parents of Kenilworth House while those boys were destroying Arrmore's stuff and menacing him personally?

I also loved this rejoinder:

"And may I ask in return: do you think youre accomplishing those ends here? Developing all aspects of the whole man, not just the academic side? Because what I encountered today was boys who were anything but the type of person you were alluding to. Socially responsible? Hardly. Youre supporting a house full of bullies, boys with no human compassion, no limits on their cruelty and zealous in attacking those unable or unwilling to play their game. How in the world can you defend this in your desire for accommodation? How is this accommodating the kids like myself who dont want to face savagery?


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Any place as out of control as Lord of the Flies House, the inmates are already running the asylum.

Which is why I wonder where the alleged house parents were during the extended episode in front of that house. Seems to me the promised repercussions should include them.


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Well, my question about the Kennilworth house parents was answered.

I think our young protagonist does indeed show strength of character and insight, and I foresee that he will become a force to be reckoned with akin to the student leader in a recent Mihangel story whose name escapes me at the moment. I can very much see him forcefully persuading Dr. Rettington to do or not do something affecting his friends or the school.

EDIT: I'm thinking of Leon in the later part of The Scholar's Tale.


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Ya' done it yet another time, Cole. Great reading once more. What I need is a Way-Back machine and a 3-D copier so I can transport me and a copy of Mr. O back to my high school PE class days. I really do like this guy. (I used to sail in Sea Scouts on SF Bay.) Not to mention you've given your character a great roommate. And I damn near fell out of my chair on 'eschew'. Thanks again.

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