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"A Funny Thing..." by TR


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Thanks, it was ever so much fun to poke at Blue, AJ, Sequoyah, Pecman, Codey, TR and so many others in Chapter One. Josiah's public shaming has only just begun. Chapter Two is finished, Chapter Three in the works.

Some of the guilty libeled in chapter two include: WBMS, James Saavik, Jamie and Nic of Icaria, Rustic Monk, Graeme, David McMillan and, as always, El Jefe himself. More scurrilous stuff about Josiah Jacobus-Parker and his beloved Brittania, natch. Quoique leurs chapeaux sont bien laids, Goddam! j'aime les anglais!

Ozzies make pretty easy targets, too.

Chapter Three takes dynamic duo Angel & Josiah up to the dreaded Poetry Pile, upon which sits the Mad Monk.

But where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Is he in his famous Throne Room?

To find out, tune in to further AwestruckDude.com Adventures.




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:razz: Pink stiletto heels? Maid's costume? :grins:

TR, even my Awestruck (s)poofy Blue persona is more out than I am. Never mind that he has "broader" interests. (lol) OK, I promise, I'll get out more.

Those glittering red ruby slippers from Oz might be chic. Or not. They make sense, from a certain science fiction show. Strangely enough, a reference to a large, invisible rabbit also appears in that show. I don't pretend to understand these things.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Blue in later chapters. How much more? I'd better stop, TR will be gettin' ideas and stealing... er, borrowing... my material.

TR even spoke French! Mon cher, mi querido, ay.... Oh. Sorry, Gomez Addams moment there.

Personally, I think Codey should have served that vampire with a spaghetti sauce on a nice, roasted garlic toast sprinkled with parmesan, 'cause, you've gotta love Italian.

OK, I got a good laugh in several places. You know, we could all use some good-natured humo(u)r, especially lately

No one explained the "medical benefits...package." Hmm, perhaps I should look into that.

Somehow, I hadn't thought of the Icarians and their "big... orbs" in quite that way before. Oh, there's so much to learn! (Tutor? Tutor? ... my luck, he'd have a headache.)

The above re-edited post, courtesy of Blue's supposedly "vast, infallible" memory's attempt to restore what was clearly a scintillatingly brilliant post for all time. Actually, I'm sure I left out some witty comment that'd have you all rolling in the aisles. Those of you following along at home may note a few differences from whatever the heck I originally posted, and a certain flair for the egotistical. Hey, I edit, it's part of the job description.

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Somehow, I hadn't thought of the Icarians and their "big... orbs" in quite that way before. Oh, there's so much to learn! (Tutor? Tutor? ... my luck, he'd have a headache.)

Fear not. Part Two reveals much of the Truth, and much of the flesh, of those Winged Ones. And WBMS' above threat of 'class' action will be shown to be baseless, as he, without a doubt, has none. James, a true son of Dixie, will unwittingly (some would say, witlessly) cause a rift between loyal servants of His Dudeness. Josiah faints. Angel stomps his foot. Someone sips a Mai Tai. And the Adventure continues...

Part Two will be posted on Wednesday, a holiday turkey for all you feather-brains, sez El Jefe.

Part Three to follow, more's the pity.



P.S. Just to show that stupidity is, as the story shows, a true TR hallmark, I accidentally removed 90% of Blue's above post. As James might say, "Dayum."

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Heheheh. That's OK, TR. I opened the thread, looked at my post, and wondered if, when I'd edited it earlier, *I'd* somehow removed that 90% without thinking.

My only excuse is that I'm awake again, at 2:30am. It would be a convenient excuse that my cat wanted to be fed again, but that'd be unfair to him.

Anyway. Hmm, I *think* I can restore most of what I wrote from my vast, infallible memory. (Yeah, right, Blue. As if!)

Pardon me, Dude, TR, and others -- all just fell over laughing. You see, they know me. :)) Blue, nobody believes the "vast, infallible memory" line.

However, I *think* I remember what I posted, or close enough, maybe.

Anyway, TR deserves a hug for accidentally nuking my post. Heheheh. EVerybody's a critic. And just maybe, he had something there. :snicker: -- :heartbeat:

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James, a true son of Dixie, will unwittingly (some would say, witlessly) cause a rift between loyal servants of His Dudeness.

Oh deah! That sounds so much likh something that I would do, it absolutely give me the vapors.

Iham mohr like a true step-son of Dixie.

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"raised a bushy eyebrow"

Bushy eyebrows? I hate you. Fuck you. Die. Die. Die. I got a picture of Leonic Breshnev. ::shudder:: Oh yeah, I'm calling them lawyers. For sure.

(The t-shirt, on the otherhand, is very apropos.....)

"strong aversion to showers"


And I think my Hiatus is very cute :P

And thank god I was not subjected to "The Orbs of Don Ho" :D

Hmph. Well I never. Well, okay, maybe I did once..... or maybe not....

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I've finally recovered from the shock of reading part one and out pops part two. I had no idea I was associating with such people. Shocking...truley shocking. LMAO

Loved it TR.

ps: A certain unnamed cowboy says that better be him under those blankets with me or he's getting out his elephant gun and going rabbit hunting! Lmao


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Looking forward to reading more of this story. It's amazing what one doesn't know about their fellow members.

You're just interested in the fellows' members. And much on that subject, too, will be revealed in future chapters of the noble Adventures contained within A Funny Thing...

Attn denizens of AD: Avoid a worse fate and send in your actual photos and stats, lest TR resort to lies and USPS Wanted pix. Wibby's kindergarten photo (top of part two) is so cute, it just goes to show, don't it? And what is that big stick he's clutching so tightly?

I do appreciate everyone being a good sport, most especially Josiah whose virtue and honor are so thoroughly thrashed in each chapter. He's a sweet guy and I like him very much. I like Gabe a whole lot, too, but he doesn't show up until Angel reaches the Poetry Forum. Actually, I'm far more likely to spend time spoofing something I like than something/someone I dislike (eg. my spoof of The Least of These). I don't know whether I'm on any Icarian hitlists, but I've really, really wanted to spoof Scrolls since I first read it. The Dude always said I should, but liked the site spoof idea even better. And thus it was, El Jefe's wish is my command.



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I must admit to having encouraged TR to take on this project... but as Angel and Josiah wend their way through the forums 'north' towards my lair... I have to also admit to a bit of trepidation.

What's going to happen when they arrive and find el jefe? Will they expose my terrible countenance to the world... a face worse than death? And why is the throne room the second place everybody looks for me? Where is the first?

The stress is building up... that's for sure. :roll:

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I want to mention, for those who aren't aware of it, that I have previously spoofed my own Drama Club and Josh's The Least of These. I believe both are available at AD, the former title is Drama Club: The Farewell Tour and the latter is The Worst Of These. Both shorter than A Funny Thing is intended and have more specific targets.

In Farewell Tour, I make fun not only of my own beloved Drama Club but my own, that is TR's, writing talents, personality, intelligence and even personal hygiene, as well as seriously mocking (read:thrashing without mercy) all the characters DC readers hold dear. Farewell is like A Funny Thing, Angel is the main character in a smartass 'real life' version of himself and he comments ceaselessly on TR, the other real-life versions of DC kids, the decor, TR again, Nifty-style stories, TR's hack writing so-called talents...well,you get the idea. I don't make TR out to be anything wonderful in A Funny Thing either, btw.

The Worst of These is much milder and of a different type, I spoofed TLOT by writing in Josh's own style and stealing his exact, and very beautiful, scenes, line by line. So TWOT is a sort of Evil mirror image of that first chapter of TLOT, and purports to show the true relationship between Davey and Mickey, my favorite online romantic duo. Josh was thrilled, he laughed till he was sick, then complained that I'd stolen his best sequel title. :wink:

So, if anyone has the idea that I just have it in for AD, or for anyone in particular, say, poor wee Brit Josiah or whomever, that is simply not the case. I only spoof what I love. If you get heavy treatment, it's because TR, or the Dude, love you a lot. If you get just a mention in A Funny Thing , we still love you but maybe you just aren't joke material. (you wish) No, seriously, and the disclaimer attached to The Worst of These states this pretty well:

Dear Reader: Just so that there is no confusion on the subject, I want to say that The Least of These is my absolute favorite teen romance. I love it very much and love the characters, especially Davey. The spoof represents that affection and is not intended to demean the beauty of the original in any fashion. Making jokes is a great way to show your love but it may also explain why I'm single.

To wit, I tease only because I love ya.

Much love to all of you,

Tragic Rabbit

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Oh, I half-remembered another line in the Accidentally Deleted Inspired Post by Blue:

Three Dog Night: "Women do get weary, wearing that same old, funky dress."

I didn't include it there, but it's too good to pass up:

"Devil with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress, Devil with a blue dress on."

Note: For anyone concerned, I've never done drag before. The effect would be only slightly better than Klinger. Somehow, the facial hair and my knobby knees would detract from the look....


I'm rather surprised Jamie of Icaria's alter(ed) ego (trip) wasn't speaking entirely in French... or maybe Walloons.... Somehow, the French knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail come to mind.

I'm tempted to wonder just how many consonants one can lose, before Cockney becomes... yodeling....


Loved the "cereal" bit.

If a certain vaquero decides to go a-hunting with that elephant gun, I'll bring the carrots fricassee, even if I miss the right turn at Albuquerque. Let's see, red wine with rabbit, I believe. -- Question: Now why is it that an old redbone hound is called Old Blue? Shouldn't he be Old Red? Certain blue people are curious about such ephemera.

I have this odd feeling I'm likely to appear next in the story, muttering and stuttering to myself, dressed up as the Cowboy or the Indian from the Village People... oh, the mind boggles.

I'd better hush, he'll be stealing, I mean borrowing, my ideas again.

I wonder which room is the first to look for his Dudeness.

It's good to know I'm sometimes right. Just as long as it's minimal, the times that I'm sometimes left!

Oh, and about those tiny rubbery onions and the dried-out cheese cubes in the Green Room? The Dude served a buffet for Thanksgiving. Chicken nuggets instead of turkey and dressing? Well, at least it was a bird, I suppose. -- I doubt the flyboys were fans, though.

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Blue sayeth: Oh, and about those tiny rubbery onions and the dried-out cheese cubes in the Green Room? The Dude served a buffet for Thanksgiving. Chicken nuggets instead of turkey and dressing? Well, at least it was a bird, I suppose. -- I doubt the flyboys were fans, though.

Blue, you know I always like to give you the bird!

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