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This Month's Pole

This Month's Pole  

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I voted No, because you need at least one negative pole in order to make the current flow and get sparks.

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I voted No, because you need at least one negative pole in order to make the current flow and get sparks.

Seems like a current view of this month is somewhat shocking. :huh:

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I voted yes. I try to be optimistic.

It's December. If we're going to have a pole poll, shouldn't it be "North" or "South" or even "Ski" ?

Of course, there are plenty of other kinds of poles. (Quiet, Freud.)

Old telegraph and telephone poles, flag poles (quiet, Freud), and so on. Trab already mentioned magnetic poles.

(I have no idea if telephone poles are even used anywhere any more.)

Then there's Poles, Polish, polish, polls, pollish (those who like to poll?) (Oh be *quiet*, Freud)....

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I felt contrarian. Screw polls! Life sucks!!

Did you catch on that finals start next week on Tuesday? :huh:

Oh... you're gonna have to figure out how I voted, or not, all by your little lonesome! I'll never tell.

Colin :huh:

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Somehow, I never figured Colinian to be a member of the 'Don't ask, don't tell' school of thought.

I thought he attended one of those weak-ass UC schools!


COLE. What do you mean, about Colin and a weak ass? :huh:
]Ah, maybe there IS a reason for 'Don't ask, don't tell.'


And that, my friends, is a subject that exists only in your overly-fertile dirty minds. :hehe: Not only will I never tell, :huh: you'll never be able to figure it out by your little lonesomes, or even through joint musings (and that is certainly something even I don't want to think about. Joint musings between Trab and Cole... Ewww! :shock:). It would be a futile endeavor (or endeavour). But, of course, you're free to have nasty dreams about this subject, inappropriate as they would be! :huh:

Colin :lol:

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Okay. It's official. You're SICK, Wibby.

Thank you.

I rather did go over the top on this one, didn't I?

My choice of "maybe" wasn't included, so I didn't vote.

If you didn't understand the question, you should have asked. There's no grey here. Simple white or black question. You either vote YES or NO.

I'm refusing to vote until you add the politically correct "Prefer not to answer" option. Which is doubly amusing because it is in itself an answer, and because you know you're helping to screw up any official data results that may come from it.

Okay, now had I thought of that I'd have included it. But by posting in this forum and indicating you DID want to answer, that is an answer. You have contradicted yourself and will explode momentarily.

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You got that wrong Wibby, but I understand, as it's been a long time for you. I don't explode momentarily as in 'only for a moment' but momentarily as in 'at any moment'. :huh:

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That's low.......... :shock:

An old man went to the doctor and said, "Doctor I want my sex lowered."

"You want what?, said the somewhat surprised physician, "Just exactly how old are you?"

"I am 97," said the patient, leaning on his walking stick.

"97!" exclaimed the doctor, "Look at your age it is all in your mind."

"I know that, answered the old fellow, "that is why I want it lowered."

:huh: Oh well, I thought it was funny. :huh:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Interestingly, I had an encounter with raccoons just last night. I was just getting home from work - about 7am or so - and there was a great deal of noise coming from the parking lot across the street: loud hisses and growls and the most bizarre shrieking noises. Something was up in one of the trees over there, and there was a rather large raccoon on the ground. Suddenly, a big branch fell off the tree, and a second raccoon came rolling off of it, looked around like "How the hell did I end up down here?" and then was charged by the first raccoon, and took off running across the parking lot with the second raccoon in hot pursuit. I was safely behind a tall fence, so there was no chance of my becoming involved, but it was an amazing cacophony.



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