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Northern Lights

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This is an exquisitely wrought story delivering a wonderful sense of place, even for an outlander. I can smell the wet wool, hear the puck click, and feel my fingers getting stiff and raw. It skillfully comes full circle to make good on both the critical confrontation and the initiating birthday, so that by the end I sit back and say 'Why, of course!' Very satisfying. I especially admire Gee's extraordinary control behind the scenes to make it all work out.

Now that we've learned all that Canadian vocabulary I hope Gee will deliver lots more lovely stories from the far North.


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Thanks guys. I was trying to get the setting right. If you want to put on your jacket while reading it then it worked. And though I'm not so far north now, there are some positives. The long hot summer days help make up for it. I remember throwing a football around a few years ago one early summer evening, in daylight, at 11:30 PM.

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I remember throwing a football around a few years ago one early summer evening, in daylight, at 11:30 PM.

Me too. Although I'm in southern New Mexico now, I was born in northern Minnesota (with family in Alberta, Calgary and throughout Saskatchewan) and still remember watching the northern lights in the evening...usually past 11:00 pm when it was starting to get dark enough. But, I'm so happy to be out of the cold that that country possesses. I still love to go home at Christmas to play in the 10' snow, but so happy to return to civilization.


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Guest Dabeagle

I remembered, yet didn't remember this. When I started reading I recalled the explanation but had forgotten the details of the story. The thing I love about Gee's stories is that I love them. They have a unique, elusive quality that I frequently find in Cole's, Camy's and a few others whereby you want to know these characters - you'd like to have them in your own circle of friends. They are real enough that you could with that, when you were there age, you'd hang out. Imagine how life would have been taking these folks and having had them as friends?

That was a great way to start the day, thanks Gee.

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Since this story has already been a "Pick from the Past" I hope I'm safe in mentioning it again!

What a nice tale. What a great big brother (Grant). What a great friend (Tyler). And of course what a great reunion (Connor). I hope Morgan will consider a warmer climate for University.


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Had to re-read this story again on New Years Eve... It was just so perfect and completely appropriate, especially since they were predicting we'd be able to see the Northern Lights.

I'd love to meet guys like this to spend a New Years with...

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