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GA's 2011 Readers Choice Awards

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The nomination process has concluded and the voting begins this weekend.

In the category of Best Non GA Story there was a total of 11 candidates nominationed and only the top five move on. To that end, I'd like to offer my CONGRATULATIONS and Good Luck to the following AD Authors for advancing into the finals.

Circumstances by Cole Parker

Exit Hollywood by Chris James

Sentennial Mountain by Sequoyah

The Fall by Mike Arram

Wayward Son by Dabeagle

Also, Congratulations to Jamessavik as he moves on in the category of GA Best Anthology Story.

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Looking back at the history of this category, Graeme won in 2006 with New Brother, 2007 with Heart of the Tree and 2008 with The Price of Friendship.

Jamie won in 2009 and 2010 with The Scrolls of Icaria. The Scrolls was nominated, but didn't receive enough to make the top five.

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I don't want to rain on this parade, but why wasn't this thread started outside the Green Room where regular members and readers can see it? It seems we seldom see posts any more from regular members - readers and authors from other sites included - because all the 'action' goes on behind closed doors.

Especially when our 'family' is honored... we should spread the word, not hide it!


Agreed. This is a high honor to the quality of the writing and authors here at Awesomedude. Let's celebrate and spread the word as far as possible.

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AD and AD authors have always featured strongly in the GA awards. Congratulations to this years nominees and good luck! It just goes to show how strong AweseomeDude is as a site for quality authors in that it's acknowleged by other sites for the ongoing quality of stories that are here.

Well done to everyone, but especially to Dude for providing us the place for our stories!

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Goodness, I wasn't even aware this was happening. It is a great honor to be in the lineup with AD's other fine authors. Hmm, not that I am fine, that didn't come out right. But I have always been inspired by the company I keep. And yes, thank you Dude for sharing a warm seat beside the fire on an otherwise cold internet. :hug:

To clarify, the Exit Hollywood story is not posted on Awesomedude but on the Iomfats website in what I thought might be relative obscurity, at least to the readers here. (That story is part of a trilogy that runs over a 1000 pages long and I hesitate to put the Dude through formatting anything like that).

I suppose my thanks will also be due to Timmy who runs the Iomfats site. But I am heartened to see that readers roam the internet searching out our work no matter where it is hosted.

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I had made my nominations when I saw someone had nominated 'The Wayward Son' by Dabeagle. I started reading it and after two sleepless nights, I got caught up to Chapter 12. I have to admit that I went back and asked one of my nominations be changed to make sure that this one was included in this years nominees.

All of you should take a bow :) I, like others come here often to catch up on my favourite writers that post here.

Keep up all the good work!

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Mike Arram and Sequoyah are tied as winners for best non-GA story, but then we already knew what fine winning authors they are.

Congrats to you both for all the hard work you put into your stories. Awesomedude should be very proud to host your work. This is a well deserved kudo for you both. Now if there was only cash involved... :icon_thumright:

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