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A Summer Romance by Cole Parker

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Cole Parker is hitting another home run with "A Summer Romance." It is a wonderful story that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. It's a beautiful setting for a story and, as he always does, Cole gets into the head of his protagonist with realism and sensitivity. I urge all to read this story of a teenager's first romance.

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This topic is probably in the wrong place.

I like this story, just like I like all of Cole's stories. He is an excellent writer. I look forward to more chapters. What is the releasing time frame? (What days will new chapters be added)

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Thanks, guys. This one felt very good to write.


And it shows Cole, we may only be at Chapter 2 but there is something about this story which says it is going to be a good one.

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Another fine effort by Cole, although three chapters does not a story make, he has given us enough to ponder at this point so I had to comment. I can see this is a coming of age story, my favorite kind. But unlike so many where the young characters sneak around behind the backs of their family this one is right out there...except there are rules which should not be broken. It remains to be seen how long that will last because life is filled with temptation. Bravo, Cole.

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Have just read the final chapter and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a excellent story well told and superbly crafted by a master wordsmith. Thank you Cole for an entertaining and delightful tale well told.

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At first when I saw that it was already the final chapter I was worried. It seemed like there was still so much to cover and wrap up.

But then it ended perfectly, and though I was left wanting more it wasn't because it didn't finish when it should. I want more the way I always want more at the end of a good story, and this one was certainly up to par. Thank you, Cole.

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I find it a little surprising, but Alan's comment parallels some of the mail I get when I write stories like this. Some readers like the fact young, gay characters have things in their lives worthy of note other than sex, and appreciate having stories where sex isn't the focus and doesn't comprise the dramatic edge. They thank me for leaving it out.

I do include sex when it's relevant to character development, when it shows attitude and maturity levels -- things like that. I don't add it for an erotic sop for readers. I always worry, though, that by leaving it out, I'll be disappointing many readers. I probably do do that, so comments like Alan's are not only supportive, but reassuring.


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I always worry, though, that by leaving it out, I'll be disappointing many readers.

I doubt you're disappointing many, Cole. Like you, I only bring explicit sex in if the plot and the characters absolutely demand it. Sometimes it's only implicit. Often there's none at all. And I find exactly the same as Cole. I've never counted, but I'd guess that less than half of one per cent of feedback complains of too little sex. Maybe 20 per cent applaud its absence. The rest don't say either way, but seem entirely happy with what I've written. It's one of the things that distinguishes a site like this from Nifty. And congratulations and thanks from me. (Sorry - made a pig's ear of this post. Don't really understand how to do quotes.)

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The perfect chance for a sweet story, and Cole took it. I attended only one summer camp in my early teen years and had a horrible crush on a boy from New Jersey who didn't know I existed. It seemed like the perfect setting for two strangers to meet and yet Cole introduced some family rules that had to be overcome.

Any form of adversity in a relationship always seems to make success difficult, but in a plot it allows a boy to stand up for himself. Some very mature thinking in this story made the characters larger than life. Thanks, Cole...you did this one just perfectly.

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Thanks again. I went to summer camp when I was ten and eleven. You weren't the only boy to have a crush on another camper, Chris. Painful and romantic and wonderful, huh? Two summers, two crushes. The nice thing about being a writer is you can bring these crushes to fruition, something some of us were too uncertain of ourselves to do in real life.

I still have the memories of how strong those feelings were. Man, a crush when you're that age can be powerful. I remember lying in bed at night, making up fantasies about the ones I crushed on. What a way to fall asleep.


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A belated shout-out to Cole Parker and this terrific and well-crafted story. I don't mind the absence of sex either.

This may sound strange, but for me the highlight was the dramatic scene in the father's office with the two sons, where Alex was expecting Perry to get in trouble and instead Alex got blown out of the water. I had to go and re-read that scene a time or two because I found it uplifting.

Oh, and the picture that goes with this story probably ranks as the best story picture on the whole site. What an adorable kid.

All the best,


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