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The A Capella group Out of the Blue is formed of male Oxford students and a previous incarnation of the group competed in Britain's Got Talent 2011 and got to the semi-finals.

In aid of the Helen & Douglas House children's hospice, they have recorded a mashup of Shakira's song Hips Don't Lie and choruses from some of her other songs. The video has gone viral after the singer herself tweeted her support to her millions of followers.

If you are interested, search Youtube for Out of the Blue. They have released no less than twelve studio albums and have quite a following. What I particularly liked was that they wear what is basically school uniform, and they wear it just like schoolboys do - shirt not properly tucked in, tie on the skew, crumpled trousers with a belt. Their irreverent presentation belies the work and talent that goes intotheir routines - they sing unaccompanied, in time and in tune with choreography carefully designed to look relaxed but actually it is a tour-de-force of precision.

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Not to start any arguments, but it always amazes me how when many people sing their native accents tend to disappear and they sound like their singing uses the American English dialect. This is especially true of groups, such as Out of the Blue.

Colin :icon_geek:

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