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My Secret Identity by Ryan Bartlett

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The problem with a new author is that you never no where they are going to be taking you. With the established authors you have a feel for their writing and a sense where their stories are going, though they often give you a nasty shock and go somewhere completely different. This is the first story that Ryan has posted to AD and it is difficult to sense where the author is going with it. One thing though we can be sure of he is going somewhere and wherever it is the signs are it is going to be interesting. I look forward to seeing what is going to come next.

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Ooh chapter three is up.

I've been following this story with interest. It's well-written and on an intriguing theme. I'm reminded of the TV series Kyle XY, and also a short story of mine that I wrote a while ago (honest) and which will appear here at AD sometime soon. I really like this kind of story and am on the edge of my seat to know how it develops. A great introduction to the work of an author new to AD - another great storyteller joins the ranks!

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This is a story which has captivated me from the start, I have no idea where it is going or how it is going to get there but I intend to read along and find out.

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