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When He Was Five

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I've just read it, too. It certainly looks interesting. One thing that struck me is that something really bad has to have happened for Tyler to be reacting as he is. I've seen quite a few five-year-olds over the last couple of years and the silence is really odd. If kids that age are quiet, they are also typically shy, and Tyler's not shy. I have to think he's scared -- and also scared to speak.

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If I remember correctly, this was if not the first, at least one of the first of Cole's stories. I think he wrote it before he joined Awesome Dude. It is truly a beautiful story and I absolutely love it.

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Cole, that sound you hear isn't bats in your belfry, it's people digging on your attic for the older stories. Golden oldies doesn't just apply to music, your early work has always been something admired. I bet you could rummage around and find some unpublished things to share. Maybe we ought to have a thread for everyone about things unseen.

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When He Was Five is the first story I read by Cole Parker. Since then I have read and enjoyed all his stories multiple times. As a matter of fact, just the other night I reread Cottonwood Creek Park, Dinner For One and Scurvy Dog. I can always count on Coles stories when I need something good to read.

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Dinner For One is the story that personally affected me the most of all Cole's stories. They've all moved me, but DFO moved me the most. The scene in the restaurant at the beginning, with the hateful maitre d' just broke my heart. Then, the rest of the story broke everything else, though in a good way. Cole can be a powerful writer and Dinner For One truly shows his skill. As I say, everything he writes just gets better and better, but DFO really got to me.

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