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Give The Raccoon Your Money

Will you give the raccoon your money?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you give the raccoon your money?

    • Yes. All of it.
    • Yes. Half of it.
    • Yes, but it will be a tithe of my income
    • No, because I have bad personal hygeine
    • Yes. But I need an installment plan.

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Since everyone has tired of my last silly survey "hug the raccoon" I have started a new one. Those wishing to contribute my contact me directly. Besides Pounds Sterling (?) I will also accept Dollars (US$ or C$ or HK$) and Euros (?).

For those of you who select option four (4) above, your IP address will be recorded and sent to Dude who will send you hateful emails for the next ten (1) days. He's got plenty of time due to the accident.

What accident? Well, you see, Dude has been absent because there was a VERY unfortunate accident at the meat processing plant. He heard there was a "sausage packer" in the back room and went there straight away. However, since he understood the purpose there was what can only be described as a MOST unfortunate industrial accident. It will be several week before he's recovered and in the meantime, we suggest you avoid any Jimmy Dean brand sausages for the short term.

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I voted to give all my money to the Raccoon. Not only do I believe that the silly creature will spend it wisely, I whole-heartedly know that any contribution to said Raccoon will be used to further the good of humanity. I remain, as always, a servant of the Raccoon.

Long Live Wibby.....

*bows down*

I'm not worthy.


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Gosh, thank you so much. I've always liked stripy bin snarflers, and you, my dearest-cutest friend, are the best.

Nice edit, Emu. Go ahead, tithe me 75% of your income. I'll send you some electronics of MY choosing* and spend the rest on myself -- probably an external firewire LaCie Blu-Ray DVD+RW.

* I'm thinking a small calculator from the dollar store (or pound store for you rightpondians).

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Sorry Wibby.

As a Registered Monster ™, my Union prohibits me from hanging out with members of the Cute Furry Theiving Creatures Union. They say its bad for our reputation and raccoons kinda cause the Alien to freak out and that's the last thing we need.

the Beast

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I voted to give you all my money too, but since my net worth is in the negative right now, I'll be expecting a check from you asap. PM me for the exact mailing address. :icon13:

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I'm reminded of the lyric from the great Sir Paul McCartney:

"You never give me your money...

you only give me your funny paper...

and in the middle of negotiations

you break down..."

I'd give the raccoon (Rocky Raccoon?) some real money, except I'm spent -- and not in the good way.

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I usually write it 'coon, but got caught up in the desperate need to get this posted before anyone else did something foolish like befriending the critter or, heaven forbid, feeding it, and so carelessly forgot the '.

Giving him apple cores or anything else will just encourage him. Don't do it. Ignore him, lock up all foodstuffs and small animals he might try to mate with, and hope he'll just go away.


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Damn you. But that isn't one of your choices and you MUST pick one of the choices.

I did, I did!

Option 5, to be more precisely. If I translated that right.

But some % of nothing is still nothing, right?

When I see Trab's solution I am jealous in some way....

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