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Middle School by Cole


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I like it so far. My only suggestion would be for more description and mood: more detail on what the school looks like, how it smells, what time of year it is, where we are, and when it takes place. (I think maybe that's due to my semi-journalism background -- I wanna know the "who, what, when, where, why, and how.")

But good nonetheless. I hadn't thought about rope-climbing in many years. Although I was one of the shrimpiest kids in my gym class, I could always scamper up to the top of the rope, just through sheer stubborness. I once had a PE coach tell me I had "more intestinal fortitude than any kid he'd ever met." That would've been a compliment, except that he seemed to enjoy torturing me in every class -- like making me wrestle some 160 lb. gorilla about twice my size.

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My schooldays as a small orangutan, were beset by having to run and hide from a herd of King Kong's offspring.

For some unknown reason they only had to look at me to be enraged to the point of wanting to rip me apart limb by limb, and leave me in a writhing mess of my own blood and entrails. The teachers were no better, standing on the side lines looking on as if they were encouraging the slaughter of an unwanted species which threatened the existence of their mindless charges.

I am always amazed at how puberty changed the young gorilla boys into finding me an object of their desires in other ways that were much less brutal. I have a theory that those who missed out on gaining my attentions became homophobic because there just wasn't enough time in the day to be nice to all of them. I really did try though. :lol:

Of course my reminiscences have nothing to do with Cole's fine new story, which has placed me firmly in anticipation mode for the coming chapters. Wonderful beginning!

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Hi, Dshiwhtsmna and welcome to Awesomedude! Glad to have you with us, you'll find us a friendly crowd and hopefully you'll soon feel right at home.

That's quite a name you've got there and it's giving me some trouble - I can't work out how it would sound...! So I've decided to call you Dishy What's My Name? - or Dishy for short. Is that okay?

As to the answer to your question, I have no idea how many chapters it will run to - it's currently up to four. However I'm sure it will be worth the reading if the first four parts are anything to go by - and on past performance all Cole's stuff is great.

Welcome and get reading! And whenever you finish a story, please let the author know what you thought of it - he needs to know!


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As with all Cole's work, I very quickly find somebody to love, in this case, Chad.

And I couldn't be more thoroughly annoyed than with Brittany, which is, i'm sure,

the point.

I'm all set for another ride through the heart and mind of a young adolescent,

through the eyes of one who remembers those years like no one else anywhere

near my age.

Nice work Cole, and welcome back.


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I'm a fan of Cole's work, so I'll say no more.

I'll say it again.

I'm a fan of Cole's work.

Whithin a few lines you can 'see' in the mind of the caracter. And that is first of all very good, and secondly very nice to read.

Like it!

Like it!


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What a way to come out to one's parents - by writing a story about coming out to one's parents! Well, at least the A+ grade he got should help soften the blow. The question is, will Chad be able to talk Marc into showing it to them? It's pretty clear Chad understands where Marc is coming from, but is Marc ready to take that last step and admit to Chad that he thinks he's gay? Is Chad gay, or just an accepting friend? Knowing Cole, that's something he may leave us guessing at for quite a while. :icon_twisted:

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Hi all :lol: my first post here at Awesome Dude and what better place to post then in a thread thanking Cole for another great story :icon_twisted:

I've long been reading his stories and apologize for not letting him know how much I have enjoyed them all. Hopefully this is the start of many more posts to come.

As far as Chad's intentions, I always caution myself when reading a Cole story to not make assumptions. Especially when it comes to characters sexuality.

Sure Chad got nakid with Marc and popped woodies when doing that as well as wrestling, but what early teenage boy wouldn't. He also seems to be accepting of homosexuals, but really has he said or done anything to indicate that he is actually one himself?

I will be anxiously waiting for the next bi weekly update so these answers and more will be answered.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us Cole.

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Welcome to AwesomeDude Forums, Wildone.

I'm sure Cole will be delighted to know you appreciate his stories.

Feedback is the only payment authors receive so we all love to hear from our readers.

We have lots of discussions going on, so don't hesitate to join in the fun.


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I would think it especially gratifying for a writer to see new faces appear in

response to their work! Welcome here to Wildone and Dishy, new perspectives

are always good for everyone.

I, too, have learned never to assume where Cole's stories are concerned, and

to have a hands-off approach to speculation in general. I'm simply no good at it,

and as a result have found it easy to just go where I am led, and to be better for

having done so in the end.

On that note, I'll venture to say this story may see the best discussions of it

coming at the end.


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You all are most kind. I like new readers, and old readers who are first time posters, and of course all of the people who show up so regularly here. I'm delighted the story is reaching an audience. It's nearing completion, for those wondering.

It's funny, because the way I perceived it when I wrote it isn't the way it's being perceived by many readers, according it the mail I've gotten. That's strange, but rather wonderful, too. It means when we write the words we write, when we mean them to say one thing, they can be and are sometimes taken in wholly unexpected ways by readers. Thinking about that, I imagine that would be true of many stories. We all bring our lifetime experiences to the table when we open a book, and see things the way we've learned to see them.

Anyway, thanks so much. I appreciate all the compliments more than you can imagine.


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Nice - this ended just the way I hoped it would. It's pretty rare that one of Cole's stories is this linear. Thanks for such an uplifting tale. :icon_twisted:

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