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Scurvy Dog


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Cole has come up with a very big story built within a very small space that will leave you shaking your head in admiration. He's managed to pack multiple chapters' worth of plot and development into this short read without abusing the reader's sensibility or willingness to believe, although it's a close call, indeed. Framing the story with a rookie teacher's actions and observations gives us a jump start on understanding the situation, and then allows for some apt author-to-reader explanation at the end, but the real mastery is demonstrated by the ease with which Cole portrays both a complex backstory as well as lightning fast development of a relationship between two skittery boys, each with so much to lose from precipitous action. I found myself completely committed to these two wonderful characters and it was with real regret that I realized all-too-soon that their story was done.

Read it here: Scurvy Dog


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A great call. I loved the story and honestly wondered if he had been silently following me through me childhood. I wanted to tell Cole he had Steven's name wrong.

What a fantastic and captivating tale. Like James, I really wanted to read about the friendship to come. A loving and Moving story that only slightly flushed my tear ducts.

Highly recdcomended.

I've decided that when I get out of my second childhood, I want to grow up to be Cole Parker the next time. He writes fantastic stories.

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It's tempting to say something like 'it goes without saying that a story by Cole Parker will be a treat' but I mustn't say that - a proper appreciation of this or any other story should never 'go without saying'. So, here is what I'm saying:

It's a difficult feat to bring to life a twelve-year-old boy's inarticulate shyness and embarrassment. Almost a contradiction in terms: to articulate the boy's inarticulate-ness. But Cole is one author who might pick up the challenge, and sure enough, here is the story which fanfares his victory. It's a brilliant piece of work, making the reader squirm with poor Steven, and with Rob too. And the storyline with the new teacher's contribution at beginning and end, is heart-warming and cheering.

If you haven't read it, go read, your day will be the brighter for having done so.

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You guys are way too kind. Thanks so much for your words, which warm my heart.


We can say that too.

You're too kind, Cole. Thanks so much for your words in writing, which warm our hearts.

It's a really good, nice, heartwarming story.

I'm jealous. I want to be able to write like you.


Greetings from the not so cold anymore Netherlands,


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Well done Cole. That age group is SO very difficult to write because kids vary wildly in their levels of physical and emotional maturity.

You did a great job constructing characters that stayed consistent with who they are from start to finish but still grew and changed.

In too many stories the change in a dynamic character is so sudden, abrupt and at odds with that persona, it is just not realistic to expect that change to be made in an instant.

Steven had to be dragged, gently, out of his shell. He didn't have a rush of insight and instantly become a social butterfly.

Change and growth occurs slowly, painfully, if at all. This is what MADE the dynamic of this story ring so true.

That's overlooked in the craft sometimes but the crafty notice these touches and appreciate them.


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Bravo Cole!

In Steven and Rob you've created a wonderful pair of characters with great chemistry, and it would be more than nice to see what happens to them next (oh so subtle a hint).

I generally abhor people who dress up their pets, but the 'Scurvy Dog' photo had me laughing so hard I had to re-read the first few paragraphs twice. Wicked! :wave:


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