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'Coming Out Challenge' - 2012


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Nine brand new Short Stories are now online at AwesomeDude. Nine AD Authors rose to the challenge of producing a short story on the 'Coming Out' theme.

Despite the relatively short time period allotted - the month of January - we have nine top class short stories that all in some way involve the theme of coming out.

All of us at AwesomeDude hope you enjoy these stories and if you do, please let your authors know!

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There's not much more I can add to that, really. Not anything that will do justice to this great, incredible, creative, and surprising list of stories.

I've read all of them now, and I must say that you've outdone yourselves. My evil plan to forcibly extract written words-in-a-row from my favorite internet authors has been proven diabolically successful! Waa-haa-haa-haa! Now for my next evil plot....

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I had mentioned a "dialoge" challenge in a post some days ago, but it was rather tongue in cheek. Our stories in the "Coming Out" challenge hadn't even been published yet. I think it might be a good creative exercise, but I haven't even asked Mike about it.

Okay, let me ask. How many of you Awesomedude authors would be willing to give it a try? And what about the ground rules? Suggestions?

If enough authors are willing to give a try, I would offer my services to coordinate the effort.

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I just finished reading the stories from the "Coming Out Challenge" I was looking forward to them since I found out they would be posted on the 15th. I finished all but one last night. Unfortunately, the fact that I had to get up early for work kept me from finishing. Unlike a lot of people, I didn't read them in order. I saved couple for last because the authors are personal favorites. :smile: All in all, I have to say, all the stories were amazing! Excellent work everyone!

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Yes well, too many challenges can be tiresome, especially if they're all hot...on the heels of each other.

One of the secrets of the success we have seen, with the challenges, is that we only specified a subject, no other conditions or requirements that can block a writer's muse.

There are constant challenges in the Forums, such as the Flash Fiction. If we get enough then maybe The Dude could list them in a Flash of the Month or something similar.

We could also reply to each other more than we do to limerick posts, and in the blogs.

A limerick a day,

Keeps Peter at bay,

Even though he was wrapped

In a loin cloth and trapped,

He waited for his next lay.

As you can see, I have no problem with awful limericks.

AwesomeDude is full of inspiration if we just interact with each other as we have been doing more recently.

Such interaction provides the impetus to create because we know someone will let us know our work is being read.

And then there are always those ideas that suddenly seem to grab us for a more formal challenge, from time to time.

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