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Here is a place to put up your rides, be it car,truck or in Beagles case a unicycle.

Here is my project.


Not factory issue.


Here is what I've been driving for the past 12 years and possiably my next project.


Now, what is your pride an' joy?

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Guest Dabeagle

Would that be a Triumph Bonneville? "And he was Too old, old, old to rock and roll...."

Lug...what is that vehicle poking from behind the garage in that shot of your pickup?

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Lug...what is that vehicle poking from behind the garage in that shot of your pickup?

If memory serves, a piece of crap Acrua that belonged to someone in a different building. That was at my old shop known as the cave. My new shop is much nicer, the garage mahal. Here is a corner of it, 30'x60' with 16' ceilings.


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My elderly Passat estate is part of the family. It has done over 200,000 miles and regularly does 600 miles between fuel stops. The rear hatch opens to reveal a cave in which I keep a load of stuff like hiking boots and severe weather clothes, and I love it.

My last motorbike (recently sold and not replaced yet) was a Suzuki GSX-R750 which was a contrast. No cave. It drank fuel. Went like a rocket, with me hanging on for dear life. I'm looking for something a little more civilized now, perhaps a Triumph Trophy like Gee's...

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I'm looking for something a little more civilized now, perhaps a Triumph Trophy like Gee's...

The 'Trophy' model stopped production a few years ago, but they are starting it up again this year. This will be a fully modernized version intended to directly compete with BMW and other more touring-oriented sport tourers. Mine is an inline-4, but like a lot of Triumphs, the new Trophy will be a triple, essentially the same engine as the Street Triple and the Sport Triple, but it will be tuned with a wider powerband for easier touring. As anyone who has ridden these bikes can attest, these are wonderful power plants. They sound great, are reliable, torquey, powerful, and a whole lot of fun. It will also be shaft drive instead of my chain final drive.

I'm saving my pennies.

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I have two vehicles. One has sneakers, tennis shoes. Or dress shoes, if I'm really feeling spiffy. The other is bright yellow and charges, but the cabbie's reliable and a decent guy (and knows I'm gay).

Spiffy? Who the heck says that anymore? Wow.

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This is my current ride. Picked it two years ago this month. It's a 2011 Mustang, Kona Blue in color.

I'm also the type who likes to give the car a name. See if you can figure out the name with these clues.

The name comes from a story posted here. You can't see them in this shot, but the seat covers on the front seats have silver dragons on them. The author of the story also rode in the car in August 2010.


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When I was a kid, I rode bikes because it was a cheap way of transportation. My first bike was a Honda 150 cc road bike, but I quickly went up to a 250 cc Honda Scrambler. I laid it down one evening on a freeway off-ramp when I decided to pull off the road to wait for my friends who were behind me on an overnight camping trip. Yes, we had all our gear stored on the bikes. My front tire hit the sand filled gutter on the edge of the off-ramp and I went down. My friend behind me missed my head by less that 12" as he sped by trying to stop.

I lived in a beach town in Southern California where the alleys hosted only parking garages for the houses behind. I was traveling only 20 mph down the alley when a car came out of it's garage and I hit the real fender. I went over the trunk of the car, but my bike was totaled. That was the last bike I owned, so I'm glad to be alive now. I was 19 then.

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My father rode a bike with my mum as his passenger. They had an accident and they were quite seriously hurt but survived.

My father and his best friend used to ride their bikes in the local 'Speedway' which was held every Friday night.

Both of them would also ride their bikes in the Adelaide Hills, and it was on one of those rides that my father's best friend had an accident and was killed.

I was named after the best friend.

I guess I've never really wanted to ride a bike, but I do like looking at the racing bikes where the rider leans forward, knees bent, legs wrapped around the body of the bike...Lucky bike.

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You guys are braver than I am. I rode a 250cc bike around a parking lot one time and decided that I am addicted to four walls around me when I am on the road. Vans and pickup trucks for most of my life, the occasional Volvo here and there. But now that I live in Florida with all these old lady drivers...been thinking about an armored personnel carrier.

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Mustang is my favorite car forever, early 60's and the current style. 1974 and there abouts, not so much. <g> Pretty car, TalonRider.

Danette is my niece and the bike is not really hers, but if you knew her, you'd know how hilariously perfect it is.


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Got the lift on my Jeep this week and for the first time in 10 years it finally drove down the road under it's own power. Nothing surprised me and it went very well at highway speeds. I did discover a couple things that need attention but I know what's going on there. I've had the thing over 5 years just tinkering and building it.

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