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The Boy on the Plane by Cole Parker

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Cole's first chapter has got be caught. The only problem is that I have to wait for other chapters to arrive. I always enjoy Cole's writing and this has all the indications of being as gripping as his other stories.

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Sucked in hook line and sinker... AGAIN!

How Cole does it, is beyond me. He must have a fresh army of simian, typewriter pounding, assistants.

I learnt a new word: exurb. Yay me.

Roll on chapter 2!

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You guys are too kind.

My muse is a hit-or-miss lady at this point.  More miss than hit.  I feel kind of like a prolific hitter in a slump and can't hit the curve ball all of a sudden.

I'm still in the game, but it's become frustrating.

I do like this current story, however.  I hope you guys continue to as well.



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Finding this story to be very entertaining. It is also informative. The recipes are useful. Hope we get more of them.

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