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Tanuki Racoon

The Scrolls of Icaria

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There is a problem with chapter one of book four (Chapter forty three). There are places where the text is hidden. I highlight it to read it.

That's something that Mike will need to take care of as it appears to be something in the html.

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Got to thinking (Yes, it's dangerous) and remembered the beginning of "Planet of the apes". It has a similar beginning to what this story has, minus the memory loss.

Useless bit of trivia.

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For when the next chapter of The Scrolls of Icaria?

I am sorry to say I have no answer to that.

Jamie has not responded to my emails, nor has he been in touch with his editor. I'm in as much in the dark and distressed as are other fans of Scrolls of Icaria.


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I've not heard anything from him either. The last time I heard anything from Jamie was when I sent the first chapter of Part 4 back to him. Still waiting on Interlude Gold to finish off that Interlude.

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I have heard from Jamie. He is still around. There a few issues that come into play. One of which is his email got hacked, not once but twice. He's given up on that hotmail account. So for now, there is no way for the reader to get in touch with him.

He has done some writing and hopes to do more.

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That's great news Jan!

He's not the only one who has had his email hacked. Two of my accounts got hacked and the #*&^%$ changed my passwords.

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Probably the wrong forum for this, but just an FYI about "hacked" emails: When people talk about their email (or Facebook, or Twitter, etc) account being "hacked," it's not actually being hacked. (With very rare exceptions.) True hacking, in the negative sense use of the word (yes, there's a positive sense) is using holes, mistakes, memory leaks, or otherwise poorly written code to gain access to a computer system you don't control.

What these people are doing isn't hacking. It's figuring out your password. This is different for a significant reason. It puts the onus on you to figure out what mistake you made that allowed them to get your password. Here's the most typical:

Very weak password (common English words, very short)

Easily guessed password (name of your cat, dog, kids. Your nickname, highschool, favorite sports team, etc. This information can easily be figured out by following forum messages for a while)

You've succumbed to a 'phishing' attack. This is an attempt to get you to voluntary give up your username and password without realizing it. Generally, this is done with a fake email to you or a website saying it's from the email provider (Hotmail, Gmail, etc) and that they need to confirm your account details. When you click the link in the email, you'll be sent to a webpage that looks exactly like your email login page, but is actually a completely different page controlled by the phisher.

You've acquired a virus that emails your saved password details back to the virus writer.

You've used a public computer (library, internet cafe, etc) or even an easily accessible computer (at work, or even at home) to access the lost account where someone has unbeknownst to you installed a 'keylogger.' A small physical device or program that records your every keystroke and sends it on to the nefarious evil person. Imagine what they're doing with that information.

The point of all this is, we need to take responsibility for our computer security habits. If this kind of thing happens to you more than once or twice, you need to take a good look at your computer usage habits to discover the mistakes your are making that make it easy for someone to do one of these things to you.

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Good description of what happens, Gee.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Good to read that Jamie is still arround and well. I was somewhat worried that something bad has happened to him. I'm still enjoying the Srolls immensely, although it's sometimes a tad troublesome to get back into the story, if the last installment is was a long time ago. ;)

Jamie, if you're reading this: Don't let anyone pressure you, but be assured that there are readers out there, which really like your story and appreciate the work you put into it.

Best Regards,


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