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Duck Duck Goose

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Right. I guess it's going to have to be me. Cole's new story Duck Duck Goose has been here for a few days and I've not seen nary a comment. As one of the editors* of this fine story, I didn't think it was my place to make the first comment. Apparently, I'll have to do it anyway.

There are a large number of stories posted here at AwesomeDude which will appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages, genders, and dispositions. We all read the stories that interest us. That's human nature.

Me, I've read over half of the stories here. Certainly most of the ones people keep talking about as being really good or, even, great. Read lots of what passes for "Best of Nifty" some of which really is best.

I've made no secret of my deep love of all of Driver's works. He remains, by far, the undisputed** ruler of the Very Best in on-line writing. In fact, nobody has ever challenged the statement about Driver among those who've actually read his work.

Now that I've brought up the Holy Name in on-line writing, let's get back to Cole Slaw, er, Cole Parker. I've read all of Cole's stories because I like his style of writing -- even if I'm not in love with a particular story. Yeah, I'll read something if I like the style even if I don't like the story. And if the story's good, I'll even allow some slacking on style. I could give examples but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings***.

Duck Duck Goose is, in this raccoon's opinion, may be the single best story posted on this site. Yep, it's better than anything you have written and it's better than anything I have written. It's awesome. Really awesome. Why?

I'll tell you why. Stories online rarely, outside of Driver's, cause me to react strongly other than to like or dislike the story and find the characters to be engaging or not. This story made me INVOLVED with the characters. In editing, and CP will vouch for this, I got mad at the characters. Yep, I became insanely furious with characters for behaving certain ways. I argued. I vented. Yes, with a fictional character. I just don't do that often. It takes a good author to do that. This is Cole's best work and it may be the best story on this site -- I think it is.

(Addendum: I must point out, I wasn't sure at first how I felt, but it grew on me rapidly. Give it until chapter five.)

Read it.

Then, as you should always do, write the author of your favourite story and tell them how much you enjoy it.

* I will take any excuse not to actually work on my own story

** at least by me and that's all that counts.

*** unless you're into that :)

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I've only just finished reading the only two chapters posted, and I love it. I don't know if it is the best thing ever, but it's damned well up there. :wav:

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(Addendum: I must point out, I wasn't sure at first how I felt, but it grew on me rapidly. Give it until chapter five.)

Read it.

Then, as you should always do, write the author of your favourite story and tell them how much you enjoy it.

* I will take any excuse not to actually work on my own story

I gave it to the end of the second paragraph, before I decided I was as usual, irrevocably captivated by the quality of Cole's writing, (and of course the editing.) This really is first class writing.

*Now Wibby, get back to writing your story please, your fans are waiting. (both of us :wav: ):wav:

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You are kidding, right? THIS, is the way to keep a raccoon at bay? I think not.


I'm thinking that maybe Wibby has left something in his shoes, and he just figured it out.

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You got me with "Prom" and I think you are doing it again.

It gives the feeling the caracters are really alive, right around you.

Somebody was talking about 'Give it until chapter five'.

Well, I can't wait.

Well done Cole!

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Definitely well-done, and makes me want to read more. I have two minor objections:

1) speaking as a former kid, I can tell you that all schools I've ever attended go out of their way to separate students by age in Phys Ed classes. They don't slam 17 year-olds in the same game as a 14 year-old; they do it generally by grade.

There are exceptions, like when you have a young kid who (by bad luck) manages to get advanced into a higher grade, but that's rare. (I'd also argue that all schools today play conventional sports, track & field, wrestling, gymnastics, and so on, and not "Duck Duck Goose," but that's just me.)

2) there's a few nasty typos in there that made me wince ("had be by the balls"). I'd also say there's too much internal monologs and not enough dialog, but it's a question of balance more than anything else.

But the idea is good, the set up is good, and I'd like to see where it's headed.

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I'm NOT a rat=bastard. Oliver likes me, and his opinion is worth three of yours any day of the week, and thrice on Thursdays.

So there.


PS: Thanks, Oliver


Now I am in the middle of this discussion.

*pets the raccoon*

Good boy, good boy.

P.S. No thanks, Cole. You deserve it.

(And thanks for the link to that very handy website.... :stare: )

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*topic bump*

(More people should read it!)

I just finished chapter 8.

It really gets interesting now.

Can't wait how much more surprises you've got.

I like the way you build op things. Kevin is still one big mystery to me.

Yep, you got me hooked again. :mad:

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I too am hooked on the story.

Of course, I am very biased as I have enjoye all of Cole's stories. I think when it comes to character developement and their reacting to situations Cole presents, he nails them.

Yeah, isn't Kevin being a little shit. Love it, and I too wonder what is motivating him.

Cole is just a very good at weaving a tale--in my humble opinion.

--Steven Keiths

He who makes laughs last lasts.

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Ask and ye shall receive!

Chapter nine was a doozy.

Becky is a wonderfully written character. I had a 'Becky' once, and it was :icon11: - :icon11: - :lol: - :mad: - :hehe: - :lol: Ad infinitum.

*shakes head* Girls.

Anyway. I have to say this two chapters a week malarkey is driving me up the wall. Could we have a chapter a day, perhaps? Or one an hour would be even better.


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